Islam Unveiled

If you are Moslem reading this, I pray you will keep an open mind as we deal with these important issues.

Moslems come to the United States to study. They have the freedom to worship here. They have the freedom to build mosques. They have the freedom to proselytize and tell other people about the Koran/Quran and Mohammed. If Islam is so wonderful, tolerant, and peaceful, if I was in Saudi Arabia, the most holy place where Mecca and Medina are, would I have the freedom today to build a Christian church in Saudi Arabia? No. If I was in Saudi Arabia, would I have the freedom to hold a Bible study in my home? No. If I was in Saudi Arabia, would I have the freedom to proselytize out in the streets and tell people about the love of Jesus Christ? No, you do not have the freedom to do that. There is a difference of America is founded upon a Christian, Biblical value system and a nation founded on Islam. A lot of Moslems are fleeing Moslem countries, coming to America and other countries seeking freedom that they do not have in a Moslem nation. Many Moslems are living here in the west and they love the freedom they have living in the west based upon a Christian value system. They do not have that in their own nation.

Islam means, in Arabic, submission, and a Moslem/Moslem is one who submits to the will of Allah, their name for God. Mohammed said that the chief duty of man is to submit to the will of Allah. The Koran/Quran, their holy book, says that you can not be a true Moslem unless you submit. Now the question one must answer when submitting to Allah is what is it that Allah wants?

The Koran, which they believe are the very words of Allah, their god was started in 610 A.D. when Mohammad, the prophet of Islam, said an angel of light spoke to him while he was meditating in a cave a few miles north of his home in Mecca.

The Koran/Quran, the Moslem holy book, has 114 suras or chapters.
Hadiths are the teachings, traditions, and doings of the prophet Mohammed. The Hadiths are on an equal footing virtually with the Koran/Quran as an example of how a Moslem is to live. The majority of Moslems consider the Hadiths to be authoritative.
Sharia, Islamic law regarding the duty of Moslems toward the god of Islam, means “the Way”.

What is it that the Koran/Quran and Hadiths tell us that Allah wants? There are five key requirements that must be met in order to be a Moslem. And all Moslems whether you are in the Middle East, Indonesia, Pakistan, or North Africa, or Bangladesh, or America, all Moslems agree that these are the pillars of faith called the Five Pillars. All Moslems must submit to these. The first thing that is required of all Moslems in order to be a Moslem is what is called Shahada or the Declaration of Faith. Every Moslem must declare that there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet. The second thing that is required of all Moslems is prayer or Salat five times a day facing Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The reason that Moslems pray five times a day facing Mecca is not only to show their allegiance to Arabia, but in Islam they teach that man is not a sinner, but they say that man is merely forgetful. So a Moslem prays five times a day to help him remember to do the laws and commands of Allah. They also will pray in the mosque on Friday. Friday being the day of worship for all Moslems. They will gather there and pray at noon on Fridays. The third thing required of all Moslems is almsgiving. Usually 2.5% at the end of the year to give to the poor. Now a Moslem will give 2.5% of his income at the end of the year to the poor. Their giving is not out of any overwhelming love or compassion. They do that purely to gain meritorious favor in the eyes of Allah so that on the day of judgment Allah might weigh their good and bad deeds and consider them as possible candidates for paradise. The fourth thing all Moslems must do is fasting during the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a month Moslems must observe every year. They are required to fast from sunrise to sundown. They are not allowed to eat or drink anything during the month of Ramadan from sunrise to sundown. That can be a very burdensome thing for Moslems living in the deserts of Arabia living in the hot sun there. As soon as the restaurants open up after sunset the Moslems flood into the restaurants and start eating-drinking, eating- drinking, and eating-drinking as much as they can. They will have a food orgy through the evening. Then they get some sleep and wake up early in the morning before sunrise and a Moslem will eat-drink, eat-drink, eat-drink as much as he can before the sun comes up. That’s called the fast of Ramadan. That lasts for a month. The fifth thing that is required of all Moslems is that at least once in their lifetime they will make a Hajj or pilgrimage. Once in a Moslem’s lifetime they must make a pilgrammage or Hajj to Mecca. It can be a very difficult thing for many poor Moslems coming from poor nations where they will save all their life in order to make a pilgrimage at least once in their life. This pilgrimage was nothing new. Mohammed essentially took seventh-century Arabian culture and elevated it to the status of religion. Mecca, where Mohammed was born was already at his birth the center of tribal worship. There was there in the Kaaba of Mecca already setup 360 tribal deities (pagan gods) and the tribes of Arabia would make an annual Hajj/pilgrimage to Mecca. Most scholars of Islam say that Mohammed simply incorporated this into Islam in order to gain the favor of the businessmen in Mecca who were making a lot of money from this annual pilgrimage. But a Moslem when a Moslem, when he goes to Mecca, they go to what is called a Kaaba. There in the Kaaba there is this black cube covered by black cloth. At one end is a silver challis with a black meteorite in it. A Moslem will march around that black cube 7 times believing that this is where Abraham offered Ishmael, they say, on the altar. They believe it was Abraham who built this. The Moslem will then go outside the Kaaba there in Mecca. He will pick up stones and throw stones at 3 pillars believing that he is stoning the works of Satan and freeing himself from sin that year. A Moslem will then go up to the cave about 3 miles north of Mecca where Mohammed said he received these revelations which later were turned into the Koran/Quran. This goes on for a week and is required of all Moslems at least once in their life.

Five Pillars of Islam Faith
1. Declaration of Faith (Shahada) There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger/prophet
2. Prayer (Salat) Five times a day is compulsory
3. Almsgiving (Zakat)
4. Fasting (Sawm) During month of Ramadan – 9th month of lunar calendar so it changes every year.
5. Pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj)
– “Jihad” “Holy War” is often called the Sixth Pillar of Faith

Why is it so important that Moslems do what Allah wants? It is because Islam is essentially a religion of works. Entrance to paradise, they believe, must be earned. The sad part is that Moslems can never have assurance of salvation. They believe that when they die they will go to the grave where they await their judgment at the resurrection day. When judgment day comes, they believe Allah will weigh their good and bad deeds on a balancing scale. An honest Moslem will admit to you that the one thing they all fear in life, that every Moslem fears, is the balancing scales. He knows that one day there is coming a day in which God is going to weigh their good and bad deeds on a balancing scale. The Koran/Quran teaches that every person has two recording angels. One angel that sits on your right shoulder recording your good deeds. One angel that sits on your left shoulder recording all of your bad deeds. They are told on the day of judgment, God is going to weigh those good and bad deeds on a balancing scale, but no Moslem has guarantee of salvation. He’s never quite sure he’s done enough good works to gain God’s favor. There’s only one sure way that one can guarantee entrance to paradise and you need to understand this. For the Moslem today there is only one sure guarantee that they can ever make it to heaven. This is what makes the perfect motive for the suicide bombers and the Jihad fighters that we see today in the Middle East in Israel and Iraq and also here in 9/11 in America. For a Moslem, they believe that the only way they can know for sure they can get into paradise is if they die in a holy Jihad; die fighting the enemies of Islam. You see, the word Jihad actually means “struggle” in Arabic. A lot of Moslems in America will tell you it simply means “Personal inner struggle”. That’s not what it has ever meant. All Moslem scholars agree Jihad means that Moslems must fight the enemies of Allah until the enemies are dead or convert to Islam. As the Koran/Quran teaches in Sura 8:39 of the Koran, the Islam holy book, which is broken into 114 chapters known as Suras. In Sura 8:39 we read that Jihad is fighting anybody who stands in the way of speaking against the religion of Islam. Moslems believe that if you die in Jihad you do not even have to go to the grave to wait for judgment, but you will go directly to paradise. You see for the Moslem, Jihad is really a contract between Allah and the Moslem. If a Moslem fights, Allah rewards him in the after life.