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    Kevin Thompson - Maximum Response Inc. Any Info?

    I have been looking into Work At Home options and ran across this Tele-Seminar offer. Does anyone have past or current information on this individual’s company as to its legitimacy? Thanks in advance for your help.

    PS: Any suggestions on a Work At Home business that will make an decent amount of money without handling or shipping a product from my home would also be appreciated.

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    Re: Kevin Thompson - Maximum Response Inc. Any Inf

    Here are some facts about the Thompson program. Basically his program is about creating a squeeze page, building a list and creating your own product. This information is everywhere. His angle is that people who sign up get his personal coaching. I think I saw he valued his coaching at $1,000 an hour. If you listen to his sales pitch calls the guy rambles - don't know how clear or valuable the coaching would be. And for this service he charges a start up fee of $1,200 plus an additional fee of $97 per month thereafter. Is his information worth it? Probably not.

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    Re: Kevin Thompson - Maximum Response Inc. Any Inf

    Have not heard about this program. There are many legit work at home jobs available, it depends on your skills and interests

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    Re: Kevin Thompson - Maximum Response Inc. Any Inf

    Thanks, JKN, for this warning that I wish I had seen last year! Kevin Thompson refuses to return my funds without first trying it out for one year! Impossible! Here are more complaints:

    · David McAlorum Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-1946
    Deagan, my friend: I have listened to your advice up to this point and enjoyed everything i’ve heard. I feel in my heart that you are an honest man trying to help out the average jane and joe reach their financial goals. Like many others I attended the teleseminar, and absolutly LOVED everything i heard (and saw.) I thought “oh my this guy has a SYSTEM that is REALLY fine tuned for making money I wanna do the FAST TRACK!!!” YOu see the thing is just like Kevin, I myself used to do some jobs that litteraly almost killed me; fixing foundations of homes for example. We would dig (by hand) down to the foundation of the house, and sometimes be eleven feet down… I remember a few times our crew leaders decided not to add the proper shoring, so there you would be in a rain storm or asking yourself, “why am I in this hole in the ground that can kill me?” and it was to make a pay check that didnt even cut it! Deagan I can relate to your personal story as well considering, that I am a man with a credit card and a dream. I can literally see that dream getting closer and closer. Only problem is I JUST got the card today! Funny thing how Kevin expired his deal yesterday at midnight hey! So, I’m sure your going to get allot of request to ‘talk to kevin’ I was wondering, what is his normal site? and furthermore… Can you get him to do it again!!? IF you can’t, I’m just going to have to find some other buisness endeavor that can fit the pocket!
    I cant state enough that I LOVED this man and his idea’s! And you for all you’ve done to promote him! I like many others have to wait for the NEXT thing you offer! Cheers!
    · Larry Oakley Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-1947
    I read the negative reaction you received. I listened to the program and am quite pleased with what I learned from Kevin. The person who was not satisfied should have taken notes like I did. I got a great deal of very useful information and I certainly plan to use it, even though I do not have the necessary funds to be able to have the help that would substantially cut my timing down. Thank you for your effort — I appreciate it.
    · Okonji C Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-1950
    I appreciated everything Daegan talked about. I have never wanted to receive without working. What I really need is to be taught, directed and guided. For the first time in my life I stupidly borrowed to get it going. Afterall there should never really be a no-risk business. The whole family thought I was crazy. No, understood that I was crazy. But if I put in all my mind, follow instructions and nothing good happens, the kind of curses I will rain on both of you… No, I’ve always trusted you. I’m only waiting for the stuff to get here. If it’s true, it’s great stuff. But if it’s not, then I’m dooooommmeeeedd!!!!!
    · Daegan's Devious Plan (I've Been Found Out) | Daegan Smith - The King of Never Calling a Single Lead Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-1952
    […] « You are a FRAUD (Resonpse To Kevin Thompson’s Event) […]
    · Debra Brown Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-1955
    I really enjoyed the seminar. I just don’t have the money at the moment. The hater that wrote that goofy email is just one of those kind of people who like to throw a monkey wrench in to something to watch it tear up. There are just destructive types out there like that. I have no idea what motivates them. I am glad I don’t understand them, that way I hope to never be one of them!!! May God bless you and Kevin in all your endeavors.
    · Just Joe Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-1956
    Hi Deagan,
    I signed up for the teleseminar and got stuck at the 9-5 and missed the call . Any chance of putting this on a cd and getting a copy for some of us who could not make it . Thanks and keep up the great e-mail’s and seminar’s , You are the Best !!!
    · admin Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-1962
    Shoot Kevin an email. I don’t know if the event recording is still available, but it may be.
    To the top,
    · Oliver Amesbury Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-1964
    It is impossible to satisfy every one. The only one I have to worry about is me and I was impressed with what I heard. Oliver Amesbury
    · Donald Conner Therapeutic Messenger Service Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-1971
    In regards to the guy with the negative comment. He needs an *abdominal-plexiotomy,
    *surgical implantation of a piece of clear plexiglas in the lower abdomen to allow vision.
    Thought the webinar was great. Bought it.Keep’em coming Degan. To da top!!!
    · Bruce Sharp Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-1976
    Deagan, I want to tell you I could not make the event Tuesday Eve I was in the hospital having a few stones blasted I went in Tues. morn and was released Weds. I feel terrible about missing this I was looking forward to it so much. Can a person get it on disk if so please let me know.
    · admin Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-1978
    I don’t think the recording is available any longer, but I have forwarded your message to Kevin to see what he can do. Look for him to respond. I am happy to hear you’re home from the hospital.
    To the top,
    · J P Landahl Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-1981
    I can not understand people who listen to a presentation like Kevin’s and just don’t get it. Personally, I feel that he had a lot to say and teach to others. He did go rather fast and I was not able to take notes as fast as he talked. However, he did have something valuable to say and, if one listened, they would have gotten valuable information from the training. The fact that the put in a “sales pitch” for his program did not bother me. That is to be expected with today’s economy. So to have someone “bitch” that they spent two hours of their time feeling it was wasted, probably is true for that person. That person did not listen to learn but rather listen to criticize. It would be interesting to see where that person is in the next 365 days!
    · admin Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-1982
    So would I. So would I.
    To the top,
    · lyle krieger Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-2059
    thank-you for the information god bless you
    · Concernment Says:
    http://daegansmith.com/blog2/financial-freedom-wealth-principles/you-are-a-fraud-resonpse-to-kevin-thompsons-event/ - comment-3115
    Hello, Mr Smith,
    Your teachings are awesome (I purchased your Maximum Leverage Inner Circle)
    I became a member in 2010.
    However, I am having major problems with your support team.
    1- Billing Issues – They will not straighten it out, worse, the manager (she claims to be) always states she will look into it, yet, never gets back to me, then,
    I contact her again, she still won’t resolve the issue, and claims she
    has to read the offer that was sent to me with your name on it, I’m
    tired of calling her and listening to her because all she has done
    is politely and professionally ’shuck-n-jived’ me (excuse me)
    2-I also purchased another offer from you (Lease offer's) and still have not received it, this
    same person is giving me excuse after excuse even on this matter.
    What I am trying to say is your support team stinks… They speak with fork-tongue… not YOU,… THEM. Don't believe me,… check it out yourself under an 'alias' name.
    Your support team @ 202 741 9424 have come off to me as a COMPLETE OPPOSITE of YOU. I listen to you rap,… WOW,… You are giving so much of yourself it is GOD sent.
    — I talk to them,… and I just want to quit your team,… I am giving you this information ’cause I love you man,… and I’m sure if they are making me feel this way I’m sure they are doing it to others. Listen, everyone, is entitled to a bad day, but, not call after call. YOU are walking your talk similar to the early Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Dr Stephen Covey, Zig Zigler,… just to name a few. This support team is nowhere near your personality.
    3- They gave my private telephone number away to some very bad people… who???
    They gave the names of: Brett Thomas, Brady Williams, and a week later I received another call from that same bunch, he said his name was Anthony… They told me they were from YOU, Maximum Leverage Inner Circle they gave the whole slameel of money making and I listened to them (they were good) for a good hour because I trust YOU Daegan so I gave them ear. The said they want to make a ’success-story’ of me.
    then asked me for $14,400 now or forget it. They had the 1st guy (Brett) call me, who said they would give me $30,000 to quit my job to go full time with their one on one training, then had the 2nd guy call me and denied that and said all I would be getting was software for only 6 months, but I had to give him the money $14,400 right now immediately (credit card number). I am no idiot. I don’t know you, your talking to me for the 1st time in my life, no written contract, and you expect me to go for that. However, they were good, smooth, & convincing… the only reason I am telling you this is because I know you are NOT behind this, would not approve of this,… and most importantly I want Our Team here “The Inner Circle” to be aware of this… They are using your good name disgracefully. The caller ID on the 1st two calls was 888-386 7577 and the guy Brett said his extension was ext 332
    the 3rd call from Anthony who said he works with both Brett Thomas & Brady Williams
    also named drop you and your wonderful, well respected company came from 888 386 7577.
    Everyone joining your team are WINNERS, because they are climbing to Higher Planes of Existence way down deep in their hearts and souls. I believe in you and your mission,… your excellence and integrity. But absolutely NOT the Support Team you hired to represent you.
    Whether you believe it or not, yes, you are on a mission from God, because you are giving service to others in a very special way.
    — Have a Beautiful and Wonderful Jesus of Nazareth Birthday Celebration to you, your family, and loved ones. —
    — Sincerely, a Concerned Customer

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    Re: Kevin Thompson - Maximum Response Inc. Any Info?

    Have not heard about the product but I think it is not legit according to what people are saying. after reading a few reviews you can be sure to know that it is not a great program. It seems to be an MLM.

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    Re: Kevin Thompson - Maximum Response Inc. Any Info?

    I feel like I will never find a decent work from home gig.

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