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    Burger King - Scam

    And why I will never eat there again.....
    This is a recount of my 15 days of employment at the local burger king. After working there, I must warn all of you to never eat at a fast food joint where the manager is an obese tub of lard named Al, of if your meal was prepared by a short, middle aged man named Raul..

    Episode 1 - Wow, strong pervert

    I had been told to purchase a very special type of shoe, with extra strong traction. I soon knew why. Upon entering the back of my local Burger King, I quickly lost my balance and nearly fell on the thick layer of grease that coated the floor.

    As I took in my surroundings, and tried to discern a strange odor lingering in the air, the manager exited his office. He was taller than I was, and must have weighed at least 6 times as much as me. He spotted me and motioned me into his office.

    "Hey, you're the new guy, right? Come in here."

    One one side of his office was a set of television screens. On those screens, you could see the various employees doing their jobs. This was where the manager sat to monitor the employees at all times. On the opposite side of the office sat a computer. I thought that it looked like it was barely used. I would later find out how wrong I was.

    The manager's name tag read Albert. I quickly found out to never call him that. Anyone who called him anything besides Al was quickly covered in a spray of spit as he yelled at you for doing so.

    He covered the basic guidelines of work: sanitation, customer service... blah blah blah. I was also informed of the severe penalties of stealing food.... any food from the "company". Under no circumstances were we to eat anything without paying for it first. I was dismissed with instructions to help out where I was needed.

    Al is a pervert

    The other employee on duty was another teen named Matt. It was a slow time of the day, so we started a conversation, while making a show of being busy. He told me a bit about some of the other employees, and what it was like to work there. This went on for about 20 minutes, until another employee named Dave arrived to start his shift.

    Dave was also a teenager, and seemed to be good friends with Matt. As they talked, I sat reading some of the manuals Al had given me to read. As soon as Dave had put his stuff up, the two of them began something that seemed to be almost routine.

    Matt - "You got it?"
    Dave - "Yes, get ready."

    Dave proceeded to knock on Al's door, with a slip of paper in hand.

    Al "What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Dave "I have that stuff for you."
    Al "oh... come on in"

    Dave entered Al's office, and they started talking. I couldnt see or hear what was going on, but it soon became apparent. Pretty soon, Dave's arm came around the edge of the door, with his hand in a thumbs up signal to Matt.

    Within seconds, Matt had 6 large takeout bags on the counter, and at least a dozen sandwich wrappers on the counter. Just as I started to get an idea of what was going on, I heard Al's gurgling exclamation from the office.

    Al - "Ohhhhhhhh ............... Man! ................... Looook at thoooose boobies!! Young and fresh too....... ohhh boy!!!!"

    Dave "Yep... definitely some fine babes there"

    Al - "More gurgling and strange noises" "This probably isnt even legal!!! Oh man......!!!!!!!"

    Within a minute or two, Matt had the 6 takeout bags crammed full of sandwiches, fries, and whatever else he could fit in there. He called to me and handed me a sack full of food. He carried the remaining sacks of food back to the employee lounge, where he covered them with some jackets. I did the same.

    A minute later, with Dave still in the office with Al, Matt pulled out his cell to make a call.

    Matt - "hey, its all ready. Hurry up, he wont be in there much longer"

    Soon after he hung up, there was a knock on the back door. Matt took 3 of the food sacks and carried them over to the door. Al's voice could be heard in the office.

    Al - "Ok, time to get back to work. Uhhh, Im gonna take a quick bathroom break. Keep up the good work guys.
    (Al leaves)
    Me - "Does this happen often?"
    Dave - "Yea, a couple times each week."
    Me" What exactly were you showing him in there?"
    Dave "******** porn"
    Me "Wow, strong pervert."

    The next day, I would meet more of the colorful Burger King staff...............

    Coming next - Episode 2 - Raul the tool.

    LINK DIRECTLY TO EPISODE 2: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?p=13332023

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    Re: Burger King - Scam

    Shouldn't this be under Other Scam?

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