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    Anybody heard of Carl Reardon or Boris Ekstat?

    I wonder if anybody heard of this. I was offered to visit a "free business seminar" by some russian businessman Boris Ekstat presented by some Carl Reardon. I decided to go ahead and register but I wanted to check with you guys whether you know what I should expect there. Anybody heard of them?

    This is from their email:

    Following is information regarding the event that I chatted with you about:


    Here is a little information about our keynote speaker for the seminar:

    Boris Ekstat was born in 1983 in Siberia. At the age of six, he and his parents moved to southern Russia. In 2005 Boris graduated from the university with distinction (honors). As a student, he was an active participant in the university life. For almost 4 years he was in the urban command [KVN], and was able to visit many interesting countries as one of the best students of the university. In 2004 Boris spent 3 months in the US to learn and practice English. He liked the US very much and wanted to return.

    Boris began his business while he was still a student and achieved significant success.

    Boris stated: I am happy that I have the opportunity to travel to the US as Business Owner. As a result of my business, I have made many friends, not only in Russia, but also in many other countries, including America. I am eager to meet all of you and I am confident that together we will be able to achieve even greater success. I wish you happiness, success and new achievements.

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    Re: Anybody heard of Carl Reardon or Boris Ekstat?

    Smell unfresh fish. One year of possible business experience?

    Googled Carl Reardon MLM, found:


    If you have firefox, Edit - Find - enter "carl reardon"

    Seriously, why ask us?

    Google and Dogpile it first.

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