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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Jehovah's Witnesses

    The Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses are the Same Organization

    by David Icke

    It's amazing how everything fits together in the world of the Illuminati if you are prepared to dig deep enough.

    The people and organisations who attack and abuse each other in public, or appear to be in competition, turn out over and over to be different masks on the same face. Take the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses (if we must).

    We are told they are different organisations which stand for different "beliefs" and the followers of both would be aghast at the thought that they could be connected in any way. But then the mass of unthinking followers in any religion are merely the fodder and the screen behind which the real business goes on.

    The founders of both "faiths", the Mormons and JWs, were of the Illuminati bloodline. Charles Taze Russell, who founded the Watchtower Society (JWs), was of the Illuminati Russell bloodline, which also founded the infamous Skull and Bones Society at Yale University. Charles Taze Russell was a Satanist, a paedophile according to his wife, and a friend of the Rothschilds. Indeed it was the Rothschilds who funded the Jehovah's Witness operation into being, along with other Illuminati bankers, through "contributions" by organisations like the Rothschild-controlled B'nai B'rith. This was proved in a court of law in 1922. One of the key people involved in this was Frank Goldman who later became President of B'nai B'rith. Why would an organisation set up (in theory) to help Jewish people and promote the Jewish faith, be funding into existence the Jehovah's Witnesses?? I think the name Rothschild answers the question. Russell was also a high degree Freemason and Knights Templar. He promoted Zionism, another Rothschild creation (see Was Hitler a Rothschild), on behalf of his friends and backers.

    Joseph Smith, along with Hiram Smith and Brigham Young, were the key figures behind the creation of the Mormon religion. They were of the elite of the elite Illuminati bloodline, the Merovingian or "Holy Grail" line, and were all high degree Freemasons. They were also Satanists and formed their "church" as a front for Satanic activity which very much still goes on today. Why wouldn't it, that is what it is there for. The Mormon empire was funded into existence by the Rothschilds through their Kuhn, Loeb, bank which also funded the Russian Revolution and Adolf Hitler, and yet again B'nai Brith, the Rothschild intelligence arm and defamer of genuine researchers, was involved.

    Notice any similarities between the last two paragraphs??

    Again the followers of these mind control cults would be shocked to think that the upper levels of these "religions" would engage in Satanic activity and human sacrifice of children, but it is about time they knew.

    Russell's family was formerly known as Roessel and went to Scotland from Germany. Of course, Germany is a massive occult centre, from which the Rothschilds emerged, and Scotland is one of the key areas of the world for Illuminati bloodlines. From the start, Charles Taze Russell used his new Watchtower Society, based at Bethel, Brooklyn, New York, as a front for black magic, or Enochian magic as his brand of Satanism was called. He put the flying Sun disk on the front of his books, an ancient Illuminati symbol going back to Egypt and Babylon. The Watchtower magazine has always been a mass of subliminal and less subliminal occult symbolism and the very name, Watchtower, is part of Illuminati and Freemasonic legend and code. To them watchtowers are areas of the "magical universe". The unseen realms. Russell was buried under a pyramid in the United States after being ritually killed on Halloween 1917. These leading Satanists of the Illuminati are ritually killed when their time comes in line with their obsession with ritual. To them, everything is ritual. Again and again the Jehovah's Witness church is named by survivors of trauma-based mind control as being involved in these unspeakable mind control projects.

    The Mormons were also created as a front for Satanism and, like the Watchtower Society, Enochian magic.When I spoke in Salt Lake City near to the Mormon Temple, I came across the fascinating book by William J. Schnoebelen called Mormonism's Temple of Doom. Schnoebelen was initiated into the Wicca religion, then into Freemasonry, before going through the Mormon initiation in the Salt Lake temple. He shows in great detail that all three initiations were the same. The same oaths, secret handshakes, and garb. Of course they are. We are looking at one face here hidden by many masks. The Salt Lake temple is covered with Illuminati symbols, like the All Seeing Eye, and it is built with granite, a rock which has been used throughout the ages for temples on earth power centres and for esoteric initiation. The Mormons also use the bee symbol, a classic symbol of the Merovingian bloodine which people like the author, Sir Laurence Gardner, want to kid us goes back to "Jesus" when in fact it is the "Holy Grail" bloodline of the Illuminati, the "purest" reptilian line. Joseph Smith carried a dove medallion given to him by an English masonic lodge. The dove is Illuminati symbolism for Queen Semiramis, the female deity in their Babylonian trinity. The Mormon Church, like the Watchtower Society, is also a front for trauma-based mind control. Many survivors have told of their horrific torture in Salt Lake City in Mormon buildings and centres. The Mormon genealogy operation is also a front behind which the Illuminati keep track of the reptilian bloodline, who has it to a "pure" enough level and who has not.

    You won't be surprised to know, therefore, that the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses are the same organisation at the top level where the Elders of the Mormons and the leaders of the Watchtower Society operate a very different agenda to the one their followers believe. But what chance have you got of knowing what is happening within your "church" when you refuse to think or question? "Have faith", the mantra of these religious con-men through the ages, really means "Don't think and don't question." I was taken around the Mormon temple site (not the temple which is only for initiates) by two lovely girls from Thailand and Hong Kong. They had worked their asses off for years to pay their own fare to America and to pay for their own accommodation and living expenses for the privilege of serving this unbelievably wealthy organisation, as "guides" (recruiters) for the faith. On the way round, I asked them what they thought the significance was of the founders of the Mormon church all being high degree Freemasons. They looked at each other for a moment in bewilderment and then one said: "What's Freemasonry?"

    And a few can't control the world??

    I want to give people the opportunity here to tell their stories about the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses - and any other religious fronts - both to expose what is happening and to give people still in those "faiths" the chance to see what is really going on around them. If you want to contribute your experiences on these subjects please sent them to this website and we will start a new archive if there is a big enough response. You may have seen two contributions about the Watchtower society already.

    Have faith!


    Religious fraud

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Jehovah's Witnesses

    The Rothschilds wasn't their original name, for they went by several before choosin' this one. One of their earlier names was the Bauers — one of the most notorious cult bloodlines of Middle Ages Germany. The name Rothschilds became in the 18th century (note the close resemblance to "Red-Shield") when a working member of the Illuminati, one Mayer Amschel Rothschild, took the name from the red-shield or hexagram; y'kno, the Star of David or Seal of Solomon.

    By bein' ignorant to history, we are not aware the Star of David did not become affiliated with the so-called Jew until after Rothschild adopted it for themselves. So-called Jewish resources will tell you the star has a connection to David or Solomon, but the very ones who started them using the symbol made it clear who their allegiance was with...EVIL!

    According to author of Ancient Future, Wayne Chandler, "Many people have seen the symbol that represents the axiom; it is now referred to as the Star of David or Solomon's Seal, the hexagram of Judaism. It's origin and meaning are far more auspicious than that of an emblem used to categorize a particular creed or group of human beings. What is ironic is that this symbol has been regarded as officially Jewish only for about a century. The hexagram reached Judaism via the eastern Tantric influences on medieval Jewish cabalists, who chose to elaborate on the union of God and his female counterpart, Shekina. Historically, at the time the biblical stories were being spun about David and Solomon, this star had nothing to do with the Jewish people, but had been previously employed in cultures such as India and Egypt for more than 2,000 years."

    In India, its earliest appearance was discovered in the Indus Valley civilization (3000BCE, and soon after was regarded as a jain philosophical symbol. It would later be utilized by the Buddhists and Tantrikas of India to symbolize divine sexual energy and union of the male and female elements in creation. The linguistic origins of the word 'sex' is rooted in mathematics, as in the biblical reference to 'six days of creation.' Sex in Sanskrit means six. Currently, in India the six-pointed start is called the Star of Vishnu.

    The Rothschilds had long had a plan to create a religion of their own for the Illuminati in Palestine and that plan involved manipulating so-called Jewz to settle in that area. One, Charles Taze Russell, of the Illuminati-reptilian Russell bloodline (the Russell's were one of the creatorz of the Illuminati) was the man who founded the Watchtower Society, also known as the Jehovah's Witnesses. He was a Satanist, a pedophile according to his wife and most certainly Illuminati. His new religion was funded by the Rothschilds and he was a friend of theirs, just like the Mormons who were also Rothschild-funded through Kuhn, Loeb, and Co.

    This is where **** get's hectic! Now, movin' on up to World War2, we find that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were not only funded by, but CREATED by the Rothschilds! The Rothschilds arranged for Hitler to come to power through the Illuminati secret societeez in Germany like the Thule Society and the Vril Society. They later funded Hitler through the Bank of England and other British and American sources like one of their many financial houses, Kuhn and Loeb bank. We also find America's own Ford Motor Company as the ones who built the tanks the Germanz rode, with Rockefeller's Mobil Oil providing the fuel for the tanks.

    In essence, we find the Rothschilds clan as the hidden force behind Hitler; a so-called "Jewish" bloodline which claimz to support and protect the "Jewish" faith through organizationz like the B'nai B'rith and Anti-Defamation League (ADL), financed a monster out to kill so-called Jewz. Assinine, right?! Oh, but it gets deeper... Writer, David Icke said, "...the Illuminati are so utterly obsessed with bloodline, because of this reptilian genetic code, that there was no way that someone like Hitler would come to power in those vital circumstances for the Illuminati, unless he was of the reptilian bloodline. This is the bloodline that has produced ALL 42 of the Presidents of the United States since and including GeorgeWashington in 1789. It is the bloodline of...George W. Bush. The World War2 leaders, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, were of the bloodline and also Freemasons and Satanists."

    The Rothschilds and the Illuminati produce many offspring out of wedlock in their secret breeding programmes and these children are brought up under other names with other parents. Peep, like ex-president, Bill Clinton, who is most certainly a Rockefeller, produced in the same way, these"ordinary kids from ordinary backgrounds" go on to be extraordinarily successful in their chosen field.

    JW Defector Blows the Whistle On Masonic WTS Board Member

    Why Would Jews Support Jehovah's Witnesses?

    Jewish Masonic Roots of Jehovah's Witness

    Order of the Skull and Bones, Chapter 322, and Russell Trust

    Russell An Unoticed Freemason

    The Russell Bloodline

    The Watchtower and the Masons

    Mormon's Masons

    Christian Science and Jehovah's Witness

    Skull and Bones Fostered Communism In Russia

    Jehovah’s Witnesses file $100,000 suit in Canadian court to silence embarrassing whistle-blower web site

    Dirty Secrets of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society

    Source: daghettotymz
    Published: November 1, 2005 Author: M'Bwebe

    hidden satanic images in Jehovah's Witness

    Satanic Witness

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    Re: Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Jehovah's Witnesses

    Dude, you've got waaaay too much free time on your hands.

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Jehovah's Witnesses

    Facts Jehovah's Witnesses Won't Tell You When They Call At Your Door
    They believe & teach
    THAT all religions except theirs are of Satan, and your Pastor or Priest is under the Devil’s control.
    THAT the Watch Tower Society is the only source of truth on earth today, and all churches teach error and will be destroyed at Armageddon.

    THAT the cross is a pagan symbol of sex worship, and that all buildings or persons displaying the cross are likewise pagan. Jehovah’s Witnesses deny that Jesus died on the cross. However, recent “new light” in the WatchTower Magazine now admits they are not certain about the cross, but will continue to deny it anyway.
    THAT no one goes to heaven but 144,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses, and your soul will be destroyed if you refuse their organization.
    THAT the Christ child was only an “IT”, not a “HE”. See the New World Translation, Luke 2:16,17.

    THAT Jesus was not the Christ (or Messiah) until age 30, even though their own bible says in Luke 2:11, “because there was born to you today a savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

    THAT after Jesus was buried in the tomb, Jerhovah dissolved his body into gases and it disappeared forever.

    THAT Jesus rose invisibly in three days, so Jehovah had to “materialize” a fake body for him complete with fake nailprints so His disciples would believe it was really Jesus risen.

    THAT Armageddon and Christ’s second coming were foretold to happen in 1874, 1914, 1925 and 1975 by this “non-prophet” organization.

    THAT when Christ failed to show up in 1914 The Society claimed in later years that He had come invisibly--of course, and all Jehovah’s Witnesses believe this today.

    THAT Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob etc. were to be back on earth as perfect humans in 1925. The Society built a palacial home for them BUT when the patriarchs failed to show up, the President of the Society moved in.

    THAT their light gets “brighter and brighter”, allowing for many changes and “about faces” on their doctrines. Yesterday’s error is today’s “truth”. Often the “light” bounces back and forth from old to new views and back again! Does real light return to darkness?

    THAT the Watch Tower Society and its followers are all prophets of God today and the Governing Body is directed by angels from God.

    THAT salvation for Society members consists of doing good works of selling Watch Tower books and magazines and winning converts.

    THAT soon Jehovah God will become a GRANDFATHER and Jesus will be promoted to “EVERLASTING FATHER”!

    THAT Jehovah God is not omnipresent, but still Almighty. Think! How can this be?
    They have NOT been told, by the leadership of the Society ....

    THAT when they translated their New World Translation of the Bible they deliberately altered almost every scripture on the deity of Christ, to make him only a creature.

    THAT the Society used a translation by a SPIRIT MEDIUM, Johannes Greber, to support their rendering of John 1:1 with full knowledge that his sources were DEMONIC.
    Greber was exposed in the Feb. 15/56 Watch Tower. However in 1961 they released a translation based on his occult one, then denied they knew what they were doing on page 31 of the Apr. 1, 1983 Watchtower!

    THAT none of their “translating committee” knew Biblical Greek or Hebrew. No scholars at all.
    THAT Fred Franz, who for many years headed the Society, perjured himself under oath in Scotland in a court trial, by saying he could read Hebrew, and then failing a simple Hebrew test.
    THAT the following encyclopedias consider the name “JEHOVAH” to be FALSE: Merits Student Enc.; Encyclopedia Americana; The Jewish Enc.; Encyclopedia International, The Interpreters Dictionary of the Bible; The New Catholic Enc.; The Universal Jewish Enc., [Encyclopaedia Britannica] etc.
    J.W.’s own “Aid” book admits on pages 884 & 885 that “Jehovah” originated with a Catholic monk about 700 years ago!
    THAT the date 1874 was taught for Christ’s invisible presence by the Society right up till 1929. (See their book, “Prophecy”, page 65).
    THAT top executives of the Society have admitted under oath that they forced their members to accept false prophecies or face disfellowshipping and be found worthy of death.
    In Summary

    We find the Watch Tower Society practising their belief that it is proper to deceive people. But they say this really isn’t lying. Why? Because the Society has a different Definition of lying than most of us. In their book “AID TO BIBLE UNDERSTANDING” under the word “LIE” we read:

    “Lying generally involves saying something false to a person who is ENTITLED to know the truth ...”. “While malicious lying is definitely condemned in the Bible, this does not mean that a person is under obligation to divulge truthful information to people who are not entitled to it”.

    OF course it is the Watch Tower leaders who decide WHO deserves.


    Jehovah's Witnesses aren't historical researchers or scholars

    jehovah witness scholars and the men who comprised there committee had no adequate schooling or background to function as skilled critical Bible translators.
    only Fred Franz had ANY legitimate Greek course at University, and that was one semester of standard Greek, not Biblical Greek which would be required to translate

    Opening the Closed Mind

    101 Answers to 101 Questions to Ask Jehovah's Witnesses Using the NWT

    Advice for Recovering JWs

    JW humor

    jehovah witness scholars
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    Re: Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Jehovah's Witnesses

    Quote Originally Posted by Fizban "The Fabulous"

    Some make it their life's work to find ways to discredit JW'S. We shall all, each of us be made accountable for our actions on God's terms accordingly. As we shall all be accountable for our own actions and behavior in this life and our treatment of our fellowman. I am not here to judge you, as you may well genuinely have all the right and compassionate motives to do what you are posting in these threads. Isn't it true that we can all, only each of us do our very best and hope to measure up to what is expected of any Christian and God fearing person.

    There will be much more turbulence in store for the world in general, as we are moving closer to seeing the culmination of prophesy fulfilled. The 'evil spirit' of this world will use every which way it can, by creating discredit upon God's name and his people. That is prophesy on its way to being fulfilled. The escalation of the 'last days' seems to be manifesting itself in many areas of the society (i.e. human society), but this has, and must come to pass to its culmination. Some may unwittingly be used however, as instruments of contention by an outside unseen source, and be moved to do and say things beyond their control. It is up to them to heed/not this urge that cements a mindset, to hurt and discredit a people that are showing immense courage and love for neighbour in a hostile world such as it is, in their pursuit of constant striving for righteousness to please their Creator.

    Only for those genuinely interested to learn more please watch out for Blog Post under the heading : RESURRECTION, LAST DAYS, WHO IS THE GOD OF THIS SYSTEM OF THINGS, and many more topics....

    Note: All mankind that have perished over bygone centuries will benefit from the RESURRECTION including Jews. ACTS 24:15 tells us who will benefit.
    The heavenly Jerusalem (as in spiritual Israelites and all attaining the 'circumcision of the heart') is what the Scripture means by the re-establishment of that Nation. It serves merely as a symbolism. No longer shall the physical nation be in that position again.

    For anyone interested in reading more about Charles T. Russell - this makes for interesting reading at this link:

    Pastor Charles T. Russell - not founder of JWs beliefs
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    "Hunger ye not after the unattainable, lest the hidden beauty and mysterious wonders of the 'real' life's simplicities that lay already within your grasp, should also elude you in your fruitless endeavors!'
    Extract from Quotable Sentiments by Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert Copyright C2005 All Rights Reserved

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    Re: Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Jehovah's Witnesses

    Hey Emma.

    Wanted to let you know I'm appreciating your shorter posts.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Jehovah's Witnesses

    Quote Originally Posted by Fizban "The Fabulous"

    Hiya Fizban (Most venerable poet/philosopher and judge all in one)!!! :)

    Thank you for bringing this news to our attention regarding Charles T Russell (Satanist) But just think, it presents new opportunities for discussion.

    Everything you quoted is old news (if not good news). My answer is always the same - we all have the opportunity to investigate Bible truths and prove for ourselves what the facts are in line with the complete Bible theme, that runs thoughout the Old T[estament] and continued on into the New T[estament) of the Holy Scriptures. Charles T. Russell? He is not important and - well, that is another unsavoury topic which I'd rather ignore.
    Let us look at the fruits that JWs have produced over the decades and why they exist at all? Check out my links (if you dare) maybe you may be enlightened a little (or maybe not?) Keep the negative stuff coming - I still think you are cute!

    The amazing thing is however is Fiz...., that I personally believe, that God can and will use some humans for his own ends and purposes. No matter how dubious their past.

    You may recall King David for example (remember that Bible story???) Who committed sins of some calamity despite the fact he had everything in his life to prove that Jehovah was a real Spirit that produced real results in lives. Not only spiritual results but low and behold, dare I mention it? Material gains to be enjoyed by prosperous witnesses of Jehovah, who lived at the time of the Old [Testament] period. (ISAIAH 43:10)

    Just part of a short history of some of David's questionable deeds:

    During the continued campaign against the Ammorites one of the one of the saddest episodes of David's life occurred. It all began when the king, upon observing from his rooftop beautiful Bath-sheba bathing herself, (oooaaah)
    entertained the wrong desires. "The desire, when it has become fertile, give birth to sin." (James 1:14, 15). After learning that her husband Uriah was off to war, David had the woman brought to his palace, where he had relations with her. Well, the rest is history and David graduated from adulterer to murderer. Yet, Jehovah still offered him a chance to come clean. He allowed for these typical human errors to take place, (sadly enough) as a lesson for future servants of God. However, as the case always is with humans - some have it in them to be 'good', for yet others it presents as a 'constant struggle' and for many it is a 'downright' impossible feat. To put aside the 'old personality' and put on the 'new one!'

    Please be welcome to check out my other thread under the heading: "WHO ARE THE BLOODGUILTY?"

    Take care then
    E. :)

    These links are for your enlightenment (maybe?)
    "Hunger ye not after the unattainable, lest the hidden beauty and mysterious wonders of the 'real' life's simplicities that lay already within your grasp, should also elude you in your fruitless endeavors!'
    Extract from Quotable Sentiments by Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert Copyright C2005 All Rights Reserved

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    Re: Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Jehovah's Witnesses

    Quote Originally Posted by ComplexKid
    Dude, you've got waaaay too much free time on your hands.

    Hahahahahahaha sputt! sputt! hahahaha!

    Hiya Complex!

    How funny you are - don't go away will you? Say, I think WHOT'S lurking at the bottom of all this frenzied activity is that Fiz is deeply in love with David Icke.....or maybe I am misjudging the bloke! But saddest of all what he doesnt realize is that...nahnahnahnah...nahnahnahnah creepy sounds from outer space :) David Icke exercises complete control over him?

    best wishes
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    "Hunger ye not after the unattainable, lest the hidden beauty and mysterious wonders of the 'real' life's simplicities that lay already within your grasp, should also elude you in your fruitless endeavors!'
    Extract from Quotable Sentiments by Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert Copyright C2005 All Rights Reserved

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    Re: Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Jehovah's Witnesses

    Em, when you're a Jew, you learn to laugh at these things. Maybe gallows humour at times, but still.

    We're about 0.2% of the world's population--all of us together. A fraction of a percentage point.

    Yet I hear we control all the media, all the governments, and--all the money.

    Given how I'm living, and all the other Jews I know (I'm sure there are some rich, just not in my circle)...hmm...Fizban, who's got all my money? I want it back!

    Pass on political office, just send the cash. Unmarked bills, small denominations is fine. You know the drill.

    Oh yeah, if the J-Witnesses are crypto-Jews, too, then send Em her share as well :D

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