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    bestsafeinvest THIEVES

    Bestsafeinvest is trying to snare people into their money thieving scam all over again. They were online last year with some really good rates of return. I invested 5,ooo with them and managed to get one withdrawal from them before they totally quit responding to the website or even E-mail. With the terms of the agreement, they owe me $33,500. They refuse to answer e-mails or respond to withdrawal requests. I even received an e-mail saying they were going to send me my money to my e-gold account. That was 3 months ago. Now they have posted new updates on the website saying they are open to business.
    undefined They will steal your money and not even act like they did it. Please, DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH THEM. SEND IT TO ME :D I will at least send you a card thanking you for you kind generosity :)

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    Re: bestsafeinvest THIEVES

    They are all thieves!

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