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    Pointshare Extreme

    Scam or No Scam. Let me hear your thoughts.
    $50,000 With a Promise!
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    Re: Pointshare Extreme

    Total SCAM. Here it is November 2009 and he has not paid anything to anyone. I am surprised others have not posted here before. Perhaps because the tactic he uses, is to stall and come up with new ways to pay out, but then something always goes wrong. Almost 3 years after this first post and nobody has gotten paid. We are still waiting for his latest concoction..a virtual office that will do everything, but so far it does nothing and the waiting continues. Surely nothing will happen in 2009, ,maybe in 2010? 2011? I would not hold my breath. Most are getting tired of all the excuses he dreams up for not being able to pay. He seems to be making money from people clicking on the websites. Great trick, since he gets everybody hooked on those websites for any news. Many had hoped for some sort of payout by now and have lost their homes or died waiting.

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