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    The mystery of Life

    Unlocking the mystery of Life. Where does life come from?

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    Re: The mystery of Life

    Quote Originally Posted by gools68
    Unlocking the mystery of Life. Where does life come from?
    while this is a CARNIVAL cruise question for the peasants/MIDDLECLASS of ears without filters!?hehe!!.....it hardly fits those in the know!?hehe!!and who are they you have asked!?lets consider the of idea exposure!?like film in a camera!?man is a blank but living film ready for exposure!?and what images the world presents thru the hosts of the already present and dying!?and what does heritage/evolution have to do with this equation!?why......EVERYTHING!?hehe!?.........just check your family or your properly regarded spiritual reference point!?if you have a MIND to do it with!?hehe!!and that is the CRUX of all existence!?do you have a MIND of your OWN!?only the those that do can even APPRECIATE this post!?now why is that!?and hate it for revealing same!?hehe!!just an oxymoron of the new age/economics!?of resolute reintegration or faced with the fact of obscurity!?hehe!!.....just askin..

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