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    www.beamillionaire.us scam?

    Anyone have any luck with this program? They claim you can be a millionare in 5 to 15 years


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    Johnny Angel Guest

    Re: www.beamillionaire.us scam?

    come back in '5 to 15 years' and ask again.

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    Re: www.beamillionaire.us scam?

    Looks like standard MLM site, picture of fancy house, car, money.

    The best way to make money:

    Spend less then you earn.
    Pay off debt if you have it, avoid it if you don't.
    Learn more skills, get more education as you need it.
    Invest wisely.
    And never be afraid of hard work.

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    Re: www.beamillionaire.us scam?

    Produce targeted returns of 5-20% per trade recommendation in the stock market.
    Oh, this is got to be real :rolleyes:

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