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    Questions about Niutech deals

    Hey guys, I am new to this community, have been around here for almost a month now (but just a couple of days ago became a member) and I really like it here. I have been reading through the multitude of postings learning stuff, and I have actually started the macbookpro deal and I have completed 16 out of 18 offers in one day, and just need 2 of them to clear. But I have questions.
    I would also be glad to compile like the basic information needed for this into like a faq topic. But anyway, here we go.

    1. I see new links like all of the time for new stuff, like the apple iphone,

    Now I know automatically just by how the page looks that it is from Niutech, the problem is that I heard somewhere that a deal is only valid if you search it up on google. I didn't find this on google, so why are people even doing the deal? (you could say they don't know what they're doing, but those links are from people that have received many gifts.)
    Oh, also don't say you can call Niutech, that is incorrect because when you call, they will tell you that there is no way of knowing because they have literally hundreds (thousands, dont' remember what they said) of items, only way you can know is search on google, and that is all they will tell you, I literally had to get aggressive with one of the people so that she would tell like 1 or 2 of the popular ones that are still active (ps3 and plasma)

    2. Ok, I know that you cannot do the same Niutech site, but if it is a different site, even if it is the same item, you can do it, even IF it is still from Niutech. Now here is the question. Are you allowed to do the same offers? And if so, would you just sign up with the same information you signed up with it before, or would you just botch up the address for the offers a little bit? Because I found a Niutech site that had a macbookpro for 18 offers, and then I found another niutech site that had a macbookpro for 18 offers, I mean that would be almost too good to be true if you could just do both of them like nothing happened since they are the same site.

    3. I know some people have commented about doing the same site, that it is possible, but then some people comment about how it is impossible since you have to fill out a W-9, which completely confuses me.

    4.I know that they spam your e-mail address (that is why I made another) and I know sometimes they will telemarket your phone (I was going to change my number soon anyway) but do they spam your actual house with mail? I currently live with someone and I have entered my address on at least like 58 different pages, I don't want ads in envelopes coming every single day.

    5. I would like to be pointed toward the best of these kinds of companies, I know Niutech is one (I can tell immediately if a deal is from them), YF Direct (I have heard good things but I don't know how to identify them), and I know of gadget city (they are good but I heard to complete is like 2 months at least). As far as bad ones I know of Product Test Panel personally (go look at page 3 of anything they offer ;)

    I have other questions but I can definitely start with this, I know for a fact that I am close to a Mac Book Pro and I will be posting pics up and the offers that I did because I feel obligated to help if I am helped, so with that I hope I get a lot of answers, maybe we as members can set up something that we would know exactly what deals are active and which ones aren't.

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    Re: Questions about Niutech deals

    You can do 2 different ones. You may run into issues with the sponsors being th e same, and only being able to use one of them. So you would have to find different sponsors. The ones you do for the first page, you wouldn't be able to get double credit.

    As for your novel, I notice people don't really like to read alot, or even respond. I have been hard up to get answers to many of my simple questions.

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