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Thread: Software Scam

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    Software Scam

    Theres a guy trying to sell everyone cracks, programs, keygens and the like. using email [email protected]. I talked to the guy and he'll say that he has whatever program u want. I told him I wanted A bogus autoprogram and he said he had the crack for it, and it cost me only fifty bucks,lol... Then He send me Payment methods.

    Beneficiary: Kobzarev Evgeni
    Account: 6762 4620 1333 4344
    Bank of beneficiary: PRIVATBANK
    Swift Code: PBANUA2X


    11245 USA
    Swift Code: CHASUS33
    Correspondent Account: 001000080

    I emailed him back after checking these accounts out, And said I think this may be a big scam, his reply If I did I wouldn't be in business. So I told him I was going to wire him some money. He told me I'd have my Crack in two days. I waited 2 days and emailed him. saying wire should have been transfered by now, he replied that he would sent crack that day. I emailed him later that night and quess what he turned off his email address [email protected]. He also pulled his site down and his other email works but noone responds. I think he's really going to get pissed off when he finds that i never wired any money...
    I'm sure his website will pop back up in a few weeks, so anyone emailing U saying they can give you free programs, lookout.

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    Re: Software Scam

    I kobzarev evgeni and I do not sell cracks to programs, I do not sell the program, I am not engaged in a spam.

    My business - the certificated exchange office of payment system Webmoney. I sell and I buy electronic currency WMZ WME WMU. The given methods of payment have been taken http://wmpro.com.ua/english.html

    Somebody William Eisenach , sent details of payment on behalf of clients wishing to buy WMZ. Inform me details of payment

    Inform me details of your payment (date and the sum), and I shall inform you where also to whom transfer Webmoney has been lead

    I do not speak english, I use the automatic translator, I am sorry for my English

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