Recently contacted to quote glass table tops for a ministry in Alaska. Sender gave us two credit card numbers and personal info to charge the tops.
A couple days later they wanted us to forward money to a freight company that would pick up the tops. They gave us new set of credit cards to charge the money to. Their freight company turned out to be in Accra, Ghana.
The RED flags went up and I located the person whose name was being used, she relayed to me that another glass company had already been scammed by this group using her identity.
We will loose some money for the glass work started by one of our vendors, but we sent no money and will have to refund the money we received to the credit card company.
The person whose identity was used has contacted their State Police.
I did an after the fact IP trace with McAfee and found the original email came from Africa.
The original contact was made with an operator assisted call because the caller claimed to be hearing imparied.