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    Les Stipek - Stipek Securities

    Les Stipek sold fraudulent investments to hundreds of victims in southern California. 13 of the 16 investments he offered have been proven to be frauds. The remaining 3 oil investments are under investigation by the department of justice. If you invested with Les Stipek, there is a site www.LeslieStipek.com that has been created to help the victims by providing information on the investments, receiverships and legal proceedings.

    Fraudulent investments offered by Les Stipek include:
    Branson City Limits
    Resort Hotels, Inc
    Yucatan Resorts, Inc
    Resort Holdings International, Inc (cancun, panama)
    Sunshine Real Estate Development, Inc
    Sunshine Ventures I, LLC
    Montana Estates, LLC
    North Carolina Equities, LLC
    Roanoke Equities, LLC
    Greensboro Financial Equities, LLC
    Nexstar Communications, LLC
    Beneficial Assistance
    Lifetime Capital, Inc

    Suspected fraudulent investments offered by Les Stipek:
    A&N Twin Energy One, L.P.
    Bison Twin Energy L.P.
    B&B Twin Energy L.P.

    Individuals involved with the fraudulent investments:
    Dennis Ray Weaver
    Lee E. Larscheid
    Michael Eugene Kelly (Mike E Kelly)
    Jules Fleder
    Edward S. Digges, Jr
    William R. Evans
    David W. Svete
    Ron Girardot
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    Re: Les Stipek - Stipek Securities

    i was an unfortunate investor with Leslie Stipek. Stipek is the lowest form of life. He is a lier, a cheat, fraud, etc. He shows no remorse for his actions. It is my deepest hope that he will end up in jail and soon.

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    Re: Les Stipek - Stipek Securities

    Leslie Stipek is a piece of shit. He deserves to rot in Jail with a big black brother making him his bitch.

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    Re: Les Stipek - aka Bernie Madoff

    Leslie Stipek and Bernie Madoff are no different. they both are ponzi scam artists. Leslie Stipek wisely declared bankruptcy so his investors could not sue him to death. i am very disappointed that Stipek has not been arrested by the F.B.I. As bad as the economy is we still have to deal with sick demented minds like Stipek. i can only hope that when Stipek dies he will suffer a long and painful death.:judges:

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    Re: Les Stipek - Stipek Securities

    Leslie Stipek is the ooze that erupts from an ruptured hemorrhoid.

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