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    Sue's Art World - Scam #2

    "Sue" has done it again.... This is simply amazing. New twists in this one, as well as a new email address.

    There is a real Susan Harrison-Justain, but she is an artist in New Zealand who is not very happy about these scam letters. (http://www.susanart.com) :mad:

    34 Parliament Street,
    York, YO18SG,UK
    Phone: +447024095323
    Fax :+447024095323

    Dear Friend,

    My name is Susan Harrison-Justain, I am an artist with my husband James Harrison, We own SUS ART WORLD in London, England (United Kingdom). We live in London United Kingdom, with my two kids, four cats, one dog and the love of my life my husband James Harrison. It is definitely a full house, I have been doing artwork since I was a small child That gives me about 23 years of experience I majored in art in high school and took a few college art courses.

    I have been selling my art for the last 3 years and have had my work featured on trading cards, prints and in magazines, I have sold in galleries and to private collectors from all around the world. I am always facing serious difficulties when it comes to selling my art works to Americans, they are always offering to pay with MONEY ORDER OR CASHER'S CHEQUE, which is difficult for me to cash here in London United Kingdom.

    I am looking for a representative in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA who will be working for me as a par time worker and I will be willing to pay 10% for every transaction, which wouldn't affect your present state of work, someone who would help me receive payments from my customers in the United states, I mean someone that is responsible and reliable, because the cost of coming to the United states and getting payments is very expensive, I am working on setting up a branch in the United states, for now I need a representative in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA who will be handling the payment aspect for our company.

    These payments are in MONEY ORDERS OR CASHER'S CHEQUE and they would come to you in your name if you are willing to assist as a representative, so all you need do is cash the money order deduct your percentage and WESTERN UNION Charges then wire the rest back.

    But the problem i have is trust, I have made arrangement with the FBI in Washington, that if anybody gets away with my money they will definitely face the consequences.

    You are to receive the MONEY ORDERS OR CASHER'S CHEQUE PAYMENT which will be sent to you by the FEDEX or UPS from my customers, then you are to take it to your bank account to enable you cash it and send the money cashed from the MONEY ORDERS OR CASHER'S CHEQUE to me via WESTERN UNION.

    NOTE: All charges of the WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER will be deducted from the money, so you are rest assured that you wouldn't spend a dime out of your personal money.

    If you are interested, please get back to me as soon as possible via email.

    N: B, Please send to me the listed information below:

    #Your name:
    #Your address,
    #Your age,
    #marital status,
    #telephone number.

    Thanks for your anticipated assistant and God bless you,

    Susan Harrison-Justain.
    Director of SUS ART WORLD INC,
    London, United Kingdom.

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    Re: Sue's Art World - Scam #2

    "Dear Friend" Thats all i need to see before i think this women/man is a lonley person, Were all freinds!, Rnt wee?

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    Re: Sue's Art World - Scam #2

    Oooo The FBI! Shall strike you all down if you take the ladys art work, Dont mess with a metaly challenged women while they got the fbi on there side!!!!!!!!!!

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