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    Holocaust negationist MorCIA alias "President MORSI": Egypt now for dummies

    Holocaust negationist Morsi alias MorCIA paraded in Germany (0a) the same way that Ahmadinejad was paraded in NYC (0b), weeks before the 2012 illuminati attack to Israel using the Hamas proxy to first time hit Telaviv with rockets (0c).
    Just the continuation of the parade in France but not the trip to visit "master Angela Merkel" was postponed due to the resistence of still disarmed freedom loving egyptians.

    Holocaust negationist MorCIA alias "President MORSI": Egypt for dummies
    Everything that Morsi does in Egypt comes from the same illuminati manual of psy-op techniques used in IllumiNATziOland .
    The Port Said soccer massacre was staged by the government, anyone can immediately confirm it by visioning the images: the police did nothing, the "Hooligans" were too obviously agents provocateurs.
    The tactic of "divide and reign" (1), in this case to gain support from people in Cairo and another act to foment hate against christian copts, which itself is again part of "divide and reign".
    22 innocents sentenced to death is another act in the soccer script, one year later.
    The latest act in this script is martial law in Port Said and two other cities.

    Jan 29, Cairo - the Black Block, alias masked police this time not wearing the official Neo-Gestapo alias riot police helmets but dressed as agents provocateurs (2a), "joins" the real protesters in Cairo (2b).
    Another act from the illuminati manual of psy-op techniques.

    Talk of neo-nazi Gestapo: the illuminati had Morsi stage a "referendum" in December 2012 to legalize a nazi constitution in Egypt (3).
    This also as preliminary parallelism to the ongoing "Sandy Hook - Disarm citizens" operation, the final assault on the first and second amendments (4).

    (0) Illuminati parading agents, rewriting the Holocaust, preparing the final attack to Israel:

    a)Jan 30, 2013: Illuminati joking about it: Will Germany Confront Morsi's Holocaust Denial?
    As for how the illuminati gov of Germany, the USA & Co are rewriting the holocaust:
    Google:To what lengths US / EU governments go to censor TRUTH about Auschwitz and Holocaust:
    b) Sept 2012: Illuminati parade agent Ahmadinejad in NYC as agent Assad about to bite the Damascus dust
    c) Nov 2012: script for all out war against Israel is introduced by a surprise message.

    (1) the ultimate act in "divide and reign" is about to be launched in the EU and USA, following the detonation of Obomber alias "Obama".
    Gogle: these acts must be executed NOW, as "Obama" detonates: "LAUNCH supervised ethnic civil war"

    (2) Masked Police of the 'Black Bloc' type
    a) google "video of police masked as "protesters" arresting protesters together with shock police in official uniform, Madrid, Spain 25 September 2012"
    b) Illuminati media: "Masked 'Black Bloc' a mystery in Egypt unrest"

    (3) 2012 November & December: China & Egypt nazi milestones celebrated by illuminati media

    (4) Google: these acts must be executed NOW, as "Obama" detonates: "abolish the first and second amendments"
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