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    Catholic Church - 20th century History- Failure to get TWO Illuminati core lies, illustrated with serb-orthodox example

    Failure to get two Illuminati core lies about XX century History of the Catholic Church, illustrated with an example of the serb orthodox church.

    Catholic Church - 20th century History- Two Illuminati core lies
    Two of the core lies are:
    1. LIE: Vatican before 1959 = Vatican after 1959.
    TRUTH: Vatican before 1960 was infiltrated by the illuminati, YET the illuminati did NOT control it.
    All "popes" after 1959, except for John Paul I's 33 days, were illuminati agents (1).
    As cardinals are chosen by the Pope and they elect the Pope. This means:
    - now ALL cardinals are illuminati;
    - any new "Pope" would be illuminati, if there would be still time for more "elections".

    An endless array of lies is built upon this core lie. The most important is:
    "Catholic Church teaches that evolution theory is not incompatible with faith in God".
    Reminder: this lie was created by "pope" John Paul II. All popes before 1960 categorically dismissed "Evolution", a hoax created bythe illuminati to feed the human cattle.

    2. LIE: Pius XII was a Nazi collaborator.
    TRUTH: Pius XII, the Pope during World War II, was a resister to the nazis.
    No wonder that the illuminati, the same who now almost totally unveiled propagate Hitler, were busy rewriting History for the past two decades to create this lie (2).
    The illuminati love to recreate the perfect reverse script. That is why, 2005, two days before the "election" of the scripted last "Pope", "Benedict XVI the Glory of the Olive", they released a photoshopped image of "Cardinal" Josef Ratzinger wearing the Hitler's Youth nazi uniform.
    60 years later the Last "Pope" becomes one of the last survivors of Hitler's army (3).

    (1) Catholic Church Destruction - the illuminati script, explained worldwide first time, by Matt Marriott

    (2) "Hitler's Pope", a book published in 1999 by the British "journalist" John Cornwell set a milestone in this process.
    Illuminati censorship at wikipedia will not allow to expose the blatant lies.

    (3) Search for Josef Ratzinger in the ultimate reversed script for Watergate, the Benghazi hearings:

    Consequences of failing to understand the core lies
    As humans became beasts, no wonder almost all fail to get the core lies, starting with the first one.
    This failure is illustrated by an article supposedly written by an orthodox serb.

    Is the article unwillingly or deliberately propagating lies?
    The article (1) illustrates how illuminati victims unwillingly (?) propagate the illuminati lies, in this case the lies createad by illuminati rewriting History.

    The article is based on the assumption that "Vatican during the genocide of Serbs in the nineties = Vatican during the genocide of Serbs during second World War" (2).
    In other words, that the illuminati core lies about the History of the Catholic Church in the 20th century are true.

    No wonder that the article propagates disinfornation about:
    - the role of the Vatican during the genocide of Serbs in World War II (3).
    - the core LIE "Vatican before 1960 = Vatican after 1960" (4).
    - the basic fact about the genocide of Serbs in the nineties. The article denies that it was supervised by the illuminati secret society, that at that point already controlled EVERY goverment of the current EU members. (5).

    The latest at this point the suspiciion arises that the article is in fact written by an illuminati.

    (1) Will the Roman Catholic Church apologize for the genocide of Serbian Orthodox Christians?

    (2) Article based on the assumption that "Vatican during the genocide of Serbs in the nineties = Vatican during the genocide of Serbs during second World War":
    "I beseech the millions of good Catholics the world over to learn more about this horrible and highly suppressed genocide that was committed in the name of Catholicism. I also ask Catholics to encourage their leaders to accept responsibility, apologize for, compensate the victims, "

    (3) Disinformation about the role of the Vatican during the genocide of Serbs in World War II. Note that "Catholic Church" not Vatican is used:
    Many books such as Magnum Crimen (Enormous Crime) and The Vatican’s Holocaust have detailed the role of the Catholic Church and Mussolini in supporting the Croatian Ustashe in its infancy in the 1930's and then installing this terrorist organization to rule the NDH (under Nazi supervision).

    (4) Propagating the core LIE "Vatican before 1959 = Vatican after 1959":
    Croatia’s Catholic Archbishop during WWII, Alojzije Stepinac was convicted as a war criminal in Tito’s Yugoslavia but has been revered as an anti-Communist “hero” and even “martyr” in Croatia and has even been shockingly beatified as a “Saint” by the Catholic Church.
    The basic fact is concealed: Stepinac was beatified by illuminati "pope" John Paul II, the same who beatified "chemical Charles", the illuminati member assigned the role to launch World War I, as Austrian Emperor.
    In other words the same role as Hitler in World War II.
    Last Prophet's words the day it was staged, October 2004, miraculously survived at:
    Pope beatifies last Austro-Hungarian emperor (aka chemical Charles I)
    archived 2004:

    (5) Disinfo about the basic fact about the genocide of Serbs in the nineties:
    "NATO’s illegal and vicious war on the Serbs in 1999 had the support of a large fraction of European leaders ... along with US leaders such as Bill and Hillary Clinton both of whom... needed a quick excuse to draw attention away from the Monica Lewinsky “frosted dress” scandal."
    TRUTH is:
    - ALL Illuminatziland governments propagated the BIG LIE that Serbs were killing "poor" albanians;
    - the attack to Serbia was a KEY strategic move, in fact it marked the start of the battle of Armageddon. In 2001 the illuminati "leaked" the TRUTH in german state TV:
    - the opposite is true about the "Monica Lewsinky scandal": one of the goals for the illuminati to stage this theater was to divert from the begin of the battle from where there is no return, the battle of Armageddon.
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