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    PAS take off? Former Dorean debt eliminator goes straight?

    Here check out this deal. mentions Travelocity Wall Street Journal, voted no. 1 home based opp etc.. sounds pretty good. It is run by Guy Santermo, formerly of the Dorean Group, indicted mortgage elimination group, USA. He operates out of Panama now. Things got a litttle warm in the States for Guy. You can wait for documentation or you can as Guy would much prefer you do, send him money to Panama. HE GUARANTEES IT

    This email is sent/spammed to people by Guy from Panama .

    .From: Guy Santeramo
    Date: 12/21/2006 09:24:07 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Do You Like To Travel & Make Money?

    It really is a lot of fun to work out of your home...
    -- but it's a dream come true to make (huge) money
    working from your home.

    Have you ever considered having a Home Business?

    Unfortunately, most people who attempt to make money
    with a home business never do. UNLIKE ALL COMPANIES,
    our company offers a GUARANTEE INCOME PROGRAM.
    (we used to guarantee paying off your mtgs till the Feds ruined it for us)
    Do you like to travel & make money?

    How would you like to...
    * have your own travel booking website?
    * get paid 60% of the commissions?
    * get up to 80% discount on your vacations and cruises?
    * enjoy thousands of dollars in tax savings?
    * build a nationwide team that you can override?

    Click here to see for yourself...


    What if...
    -- you had a 100% Automated Prospecting System?
    (the client is the automated prospect, they just place the signees under other signees. hence, automatic)

    The company is so confident that you will MAKE MONEY
    with us that they GUARANTEE IT IN WRITING...
    -- this has never been done before!

    Oh by the way, here is a little info on our company...

    * Awarded 2006 #1 Best Home Based Business Opportunity
    * 5 year old Publicly Traded Company
    * Awarded Top 30 Small Publicly traded company
    * Wall St. Journal's - "Hot Stock To Watch" Pick
    * Best, most lucrative compensation - pays weekly
    * Free Medical, Dental & Life Insurance

    -- and we...

    * Booked more than $500,000,000 in travel last year alone
    * Received the Pinnacle Award - top 1% seller for Carnival Cruise Lines
    * Are 2 years ahead of being the world's largest online travel agency
    * Partnered with Travelocity, Hotels.com to INSURE best pricing

    What this means to you...
    -- finally a credible, PROVEN home biz opportunity that can
    give you the time, freedom, money and the quality of life
    you been seeking... and justly deserve.

    What are you waiting for?

    Click here to see for yourself...

    Commercial email
    Sun Towers Building, 1st floor, Office #39
    Betania, Panama City, Rep. Of Panama
    Sent for clifnt and clzent is accountqbie for contejt. You havi receiveh
    this messa8e as partxof an opt-in list. To discontinue subscription
    reply with only the word 'discontinue' as the subject to:
    [email protected]
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    Re: PAS take off? Former Doream debt eliminator goes straight,

    Quote Originally Posted by IncomeSolutions
    Hi Everyone!

    Interested in earning money WITHOUT having to pay someone
    to accomplish your financial goals?

    This is NOT some gifting scheme, MLM, envelope stuffing program,
    or pay-to-do data entry/software/medical transcription.

    DO NOT spend money in order to earn money!
    E mail Donna for complete details on how to get started!

    [email protected]

    DO NOT spend money in order to earn money. it says

    Somebody report this character to the FTC and SEC before they go out and raise $15M

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