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    anyone heard of this site?, i just found out about it, and it seems rather good, can someone second this, or has someone already tried it?

    The company s name is big brain ltd
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    Re: www.eurogiveaways.com

    Yes, this site is good and does ship out goods,
    I recently received my free xbox 360 premium from
    a site like it, But beware Eurogiveaway have a 90
    day policy, which states, if you take over 90 days
    your account will be binned, I would suggest other
    sites over this. Their ratings have been moved down
    dramatically on freebie forums, which i wont name.
    and on some been moved into the scam section

    I would really suggest you find another site, I could recomend
    a few, if you want me to :) , PM me if you want.

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