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    Anyone heard of GCE or this scam?

    This is an email my wife's grandmother received:

    >Hi GCE group,
    > Below is how this wonderful program works. I was on a call the other
    >night and since this part of the program is only about 40 days old they are
    >continuing to imporove it as they go. Some of you have called or e-mailed
    >wondering when you will get paid. They nor I have any idea. I would say
    >though that you should all have your 600.00 this month.... now I am
    >refering to those of you who have already sent in your packages. For those
    >who are just now joining as of the 9th or later, it will be towards the end
    >of the month. But with all that said, I can only encourage you all to just
    > "know" that all is well and once it starts it will continue to flow.
    >Also know that there is no other program paying out 400% on a 1x 100
    > So we will praise the Lord and try really hard to be patient....
    > So here goes on the plan:
    > 1) 100.00 1x & a partner
    > 2) GCE gives you 4 more into your group pushing you into a 2x2 paying
    > 3) This gives you now $400. which is leveraged into 1,600.00. From
    >this they keep 1,000.00 and send you $600.00
    > 4) $1,000.00 is leveraged into $4,000.00, $3,000.00 is staying for you
    >& you recieve $1,000.00
    > 5) $3,000.00 is now leveraged into $12,000.00
    > with $10,000.00 staying an you recieve $2,000.00
    > 6) $10,000 is leveraged into $40,000.00 with
    > $30,000 now staying and you recieving $10,000.
    > 7) $30,000.00 is leveraged into $120,000.00
    > you recieve $100,000.00 with $20,000 staying
    > 8) $20,000 is leveraged to $80,000 and you recieve $60,000.00
    > This step (#8) will now continue to repeat with you making $60,000.00
    >each time you cycle!!!!
    > Now I don't think this is going to make any of us
    > cry when this starts rolling in. So if my figures are correct this
    >early in the morning that comes to about $173,600.00!!! So take a deep
    > an know that within the next few months (6-8)
    > part of this will be in your little hands... (I'm just throwing (6-8)
    >out there to give yourself time to be patient!!!! ) It will more than
    >likely be the easest money most of us have made.....
    > So just share this concept with other, get them on a call, and bring
    >them into our great group. All of us working together to bless others, in
    >turn we will be blessed as well.
    > love & blessings
    > helen
    Unfortunately, she sent them 135 dollars already. I wish I could convince her there's not such thing as free money, but she keeps investing in these get rich quick schemes and loses money.

    I can't find anything on GCE group except for a well known one, and this group isn't it.

    Any help so I can show her and keep her from losing too much money would be appreciated.

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    Re: Anyone heard of GCE or this scam?

    First all let me say I am sorry that your wife’s grandmother received such a scam and fail for it by giving these scum’s the money.

    My mother who is getting in her elder years has also received this G.C.E letter in the mail and it is worded a little different this yours. I had found out my mother have been getting sucker into a whole lot of things lately. I know that she had got sucker into sending money to something called Mega systems and as of now I try to watch over my mother by getting the mail before she does and try to pull out as many of the scam letters that I can that are sent to her before giving her the mail or just putting the mail back in her box.

    The problem is once you send your money into these monkeys they compile a sucker’s mailing list and sell it to the next scammers and the next thing you know you have a whole dozen of this mess sent to your mail box every day. So unfortunately your wife may have to watch your grandmother’s mail box from now on.

    I have ran a blog on the web writing about how to recognize snail mail scammers and a lot of them hit elders because they are easy targets. My mother had received a G.C.E letter in her snail mail and I had opened it up. It was worded different from what you type all except that the whole $135.00 was identical. They wanted her to get two money orders and put a $100.00 on one and $35.00 on the other leave the left side blank and send it to G.C.E out in Alabama. This person went so far signing her name and leaving her personal phone number at the end. I was festering mad about this crap so my friend for the hell of it called the number to see if it would be a recording or a real person. Well we got a real person on their it was a man at first then a lady answering it admitting who she was and my friend asked her to explain the system and the witch said well didn’t you call the number in the letter which was a recording? My friend said she really didn’t understand the recording and would like her to explain it and the witch hung up. My friend recorded the whole information that went on. We have contacted the Postal Inspector and gave the scam letter and the recording to him.

    I had also made a copy of the scam letter and posted it on my blog. The true copy of it with the wording, the Alabama address and the woman who sent it with her printed phone number in it which is a phone number down in Desoto Texas in the Dallas County area her p.o box is in Cedar Hill. What does that tell you?

    My blog site got pulled yesterday night. I had all the information up on this G.C.E thing. I even posted pictures of the letter so if anyone gets this G.C.E letter in their mail I had advice them to get in contact with the POSTAL INSPECTOR and turn the scam letter in to them. If we would ban together we might make it possible to see these people go to jail.

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