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    freepayzone.com query

    anyone know anything about this site? payouts, etc.

    I am waiting on my MacBook Pro from NT right now, and am looking at getting a Wii from freepayzone (2-2-4). Their terms and conditions say to obtain your free gift "remain an active member for up to 30 days or observe a waiting period of up to 30 days for all sponsor offers"

    does anyone have experience with this site?

    i got the link google searching "free wii", which i think enhanced my chances because it rhymes

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    Re: freepayzone.com query

    Yes, these guys are confirmed scam artists. freepayzone.com - they are trying to copy freepay.com but never fulfill anything. I spoke with freepay.com about them myself. (The people at freepayzone.com told me to get my gift from freepay.com after I did everything I was suppose to at freepayzone.com)

    From my understanding freepay.com is about to 'approach' the problem shortly. Either way, FreePayzone.com has been confirmed as a scam.

    It looks like 38 of the 50 states are already in the process of shutting it down.

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