what is the TRUTH in our times? As simple as this: what is censored virtually everywhere.
=== who LANCE is
Lance Armstrong is innocent. He is also:
- the ultimate example EVER and together with the coming Usain Bolt two acts (accused, stripped) also FOR EVER of champions executed by the illuminati's doping conspiracy.
- one of the ultimate examples EVER and FOREVER of an illuminati enemy being publicly executed for years and years and yet not willing to see it;
- one of the ultimate examples EVER and FOREVER to illustrate what is the pay you get for accepting the illuminati "deal", or in other words to "confess".

The last two facts add to:
- Lance Armstrong did not escape two of the basic features of human cattle.

The last fact is one of two sides of the Lance Armstrong paradox, one of the ultimate examples to illustrate the condition of human cattle at the end of illuminati end times.
The other side of the paradox:
- Lance Armstrong is also one of the ultimate examples EVER and FOREVER of a hero: coming back from the brink of death to become the greatest cyclist EVER and FOREVER, to win the toughest sporting event not once but seven times.

=== LANCE's "confession"
"Reactions" of type "fade away, Lance" are coming first from "commentators" paid to write it with your tax money.
Sheep jump on any crowded hate wagon that passes by, join in with the psy-operatives.

Lance "confessed" the Guantanamo way: confess or also be stripped of ALL your assets and jailed..
The same with the first stripped champion, Marion Jones: confess or you will be jailed and will not see your 1 and 3 years old children for a long time.

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