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    Hostage crisis - Iran 1979 to Algeria 2013: 444 days, ALL rescued to 16 hours, nearly ALL DEAD, no TV coverage: End Time Reductionism

    Mass public execution by the illuminati ruled by End Times Reductionism - hostage crisis from Iran 1979 to Algeria 2013
    Algeria hostages; Illuminati kill France, UK, Norway, Japan oil industry employees, 16 hours after they were taken hostages. Make no mistake: there will be few if any survivors at all

    Reductionism as KEY - script exposed after one hour
    Algeria, In Amenas gas complex, operated by "British" oil company BP and "Norway"'s Statoil (1): dozens of [France, UK, USA, Norway, Japan & Co] taken hostages to have the French mercenaries stop the bombing and ground invasion of Mali, ongoing for 5 days.
    Illuminati order Algeria's puppet government to kill these employees of the oil and gas industry immediately after.
    More precisely 16 hours later, with a BIG BANG: helicopters go as far as to bomb a gas complex.
    It was ALL explained by Last Prophet, one hour after the news broke out (2).

    Reductionism - from Iran 1979 (444 days, thousands of hours of TV coverage, ALL rescued) to Algeria 2013 (16 hours, nearly ALL killed, no TV coverage)
    Before slaughtering their own citizens, illuminati media censored all appeals by the hostages as well as names and numbers by nationality.
    The French government, directly challenged to stop the bommbings of Mali, obviously went as far as to censor that there were french hostages.

    As expected from the Laws of End Times Reductionism (3):
    - illuminati's reaction delay is reduced from 444 days to save ALL hostages, during the Iran hostage crisis that began under illuminati Carter 1979 and ended under Reagan 1981, the only non-scripted US president after JFK, ...
    ... to 16 hours to KILL nearly ALL hostages in 2013. Close to if not ZERO survivors is easily predictable, if you are aware of the famous final Laws;
    - unlike previous acts of type (4) "mass public executions of own citizens" (Waco 1992, Oklahoma City 1995, Dunblane and Port Arthur 1996, 911 2001, Virgina Tech 2007 and Germany school shooting 2009), this time there was TV coverage was reduced to 0.

    Reductionism in Algeria's hostage "crisis" and the very last leg of End Times Reductionism, Global Genocide
    Algeria's gas plant: Public mass executions of hostages not by their takers but by their governments.
    Executions out in the open yet in fact as much coverage as if they were behind closed doors.
    This as the mass executions behind closed doors started rolling at the FEMA extermination camps (5), before they reach full speed, as soon as citizens are disarmed (6).
    "Coincidentally" the tests for senior guard of extermination camps (7) include the same task as
    . their job at the camps;
    - the hostage "rescue";
    . the trigger for this mass murder, the collateral damage alias main task of the french mercenaries in neigboring Mali.
    In three words: exterminating disarmed civilians.

    Reductionism: audience expecting help: after mercenaries, now reduced to 0. Why illuminati no longer care about the message passed to industry workers
    The illuminati media stopped long ago reporting on citizens taken hostages,
    More precisely at the same time that the illuminati stopped trying to rescue them in some cases.
    The very last exception was NOT their mercenaries.
    That problem was solved long ago, by having them and their families sign a contract to keep silence in case they were taken prisioners or killed.
    The very last exception was those working in the oil and gas industry in illuminati neo-colonies.
    Why do the illuminati no longer care about loudlly passing the message "if you are taken hostages then expect NOTHING but to be eliminated as soon as possible"?
    Answer: because the end is not near, it is actaully NOW.
    Lance Armstrong's "confession", staged "coincidentally" as the Algeria crisis began, is the ideal start point to quickly get it (8).

    (1) Officially:
    a) the Government of Norway is the largest shareholder in Statoil with 67% of the shares.
    This does not tell much about the share of Statoil's profits allocated by the state to the people of Norway,
    - Norway is a neo-colony, not yet in the EU but ruled by illuminati traitors.
    b) 40% of the shares of BP are held in the "United Kingdom", 39% of the shares are held in the "United States".
    - illuminati make it impossible to know who really owns these shares. Only one thing is sure: the largest share is owned by the illuminati.
    - By the way, UK stands for the transition from neo-colony to colony: already part of the EU but it still keeps its own currency.
    Former colonial empires become slavery colonies: neo-colonial end times paradox.

    (2) Reminder of Last Prophet's words one hour after the news broke out:
    LATEST, January 15, 2013:
    Freedom fighters seize dozens of foreign workers from USA, France, Norway, UK, etc at Algeria refinery, demand immediate stop of air bombings of Mali.
    Media tries to ignore it as much as possible.
    Make no mistale: Illuminati order Algerian puppet government to act as soon as possible, so that hostages are killed, thus posing no more a problem.
    Reminder: during the battle of Armageddon, ongoing since 24 March 1999, the illuminati will NEVER retreat from their positions unless they are dislodged.

    (3) Laws of End Times - End Times Reductionism
    Nothing escapes them from land to illuminati scripts (from 911 "planes" to Oslo "victims" to megamillions and euromillions jackpot "winners").

    (4) ILLUMINATI End Times: Public executions : TYPOLOGY

    (5) US and EU now at same operational stage of death camps: Brussels mass detention sets 3 milestones: last supper for 700 protesting EU Nobel Prize

    (6) Disarm the citizens - the ONE and ONLY task that still must be completed, ever since systemic collapse in July 2007,
    The changes in script ever since show
    - how weak the illuminati are;
    - how totally brainwashed the human cattle is, allowing the illuminati, despite their weakness, to transport them to the slaughterhouse.

    (7) FEMA extermination camps: Guess who the senior guards are. Right, as predicted by Last Prophet 1999

    (8) Lance Armstrong "confession" and the END of the WORLD as * YOU * know it:
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    Re: Hostage crisis - Iran 1979 to Algeria 2013: 444 days, ALL rescued to 16 hours, nearly ALL DEAD, no TV coverage: End Time Reductionism

    From staged 444 days to real 16 hours reduced shortly after to 2 hours
    The Iran Hostage crisis in Iran 1979 was solved in 444 days and with no victims.
    No wonder: Ayatollah Komeiny in the role of Supreme Leader of the first Islamic State was played by Sean Connery.

    Jan 2013, Algeria refinery: for the first time since the start of World War III the other side launches an attack to take civilian hostages,

    Nov 2015, Paris Bataclan: the other side launches the second of such attacks.
    It becomes also the ...

    First REAL attack in Europe by the other side in the EU or the USA since WW3 started, 2011
    2015. Paris Bataclan concert hall, 1519 people taken hostages, Apparently this time the operation also included parallel attacks to simply execute civilians in other nearby locations.

    The illuminati response to any hostage crisis is to attack as soon as possible.
    From 16 hours in Algeria 2011 to two hours in Paris 2015.

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    Re: Hostage crisis - Iran 1979 to Algeria 2013: 444 days, ALL rescued to 16 hours, nearly ALL DEAD, no TV coverage: End Time Reductionism

    Disregard this line in previous post: "First REAL attack in Europe...". This is why I was fooled.

    Same as in the Oslo hoax, illuminati went as far as to use a "nightmare scenario" to stage a fake blood act.
    Norway, Oslo Utoya 2011: script has one single shooter able to kill almost 100 people, although this exposes the consequences of the "citizens disarmed" agenda.
    Paris, Bataclan 2015: script has 100 killed in a hostage crisis, although this exposes the illuminati tactic of ordering an assault as soon as possible, with total disregard for the lives of the hostages.

    Unlike the Bataclan theater in Paris (ZERO not 100 hostages dead), the Mali hotel attack was REAL:
    Not only 19 but over 70 hostages DEAD at Radisson Bamako.
    Nov 2015: One week after the fake blood at Paris centered around the staged Bataclan attack, the second real massive hostage crisis since WW3 started, 2011 in Syria. First one was in an Algeria refinery, 2013.

    World War III - taking hostages
    Taking family members of freedom fighters as hostages is a tactic massively used by the illuminazi puppet governments of Syria and in Iraq and Afghanistan also by NATO.
    One of the goals is to have them depose their weapons.

    Paris Bataclan concert hall: another fake blood act.
    The BIGGER the lie the more people will believe it.
    Supposedly 1519 people taken hostages, 200 managed to escape what gives 1,300 at the hands of the attackers during 4 hours.
    But the BIG LIE technique also implies that the BIGGER the lie the easier it is to expose it.
    That's why
    - not even ONE out of these supposed 1,300 hostages was interviewed to tell us what supposedly happened inside the Bataclan.
    - not even ONE journalist tried to explain why didn't the attackers kill hundreds of hostages.

    What first exposed the "Bataclan hostage crisis" in te "Paris attacks" script
    The script had "suicide bombers detonating near the stadium" and "terrorists shooting randomly at people in two terrasses" minutes part of the "hostage crisis" at the Bataclan theater.
    This contradicts the logic of taking hostages.
    The fact that the script's timeline had the two illogical acts BEFORE the Bataclan act excludes the possiblity that they were added to a real hostage crisis in order to discredit it.

    Grotesque mockery of the fake terrasse attacks
    CCTV Footage At Cafe
    "Terrorist" Sparing Customers Lives, Glass Splitter added with computer graphics

    Grotesque mockery of the fake Bataclan hostage crisis
    Suggesting 1519 people (the number of thise supposedly attending the fake concert)
    All those people to face the camera at the same time like they are all posing for the same picture.
    One of the actors of "Eagles of Death Metal" says during this interview for Vice, that "people were playing dead" inside the Bataclan during the attacks. see at 0:35

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