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    Another scam site???

    Maximum Paid Surveys ~ http://www.maximumpaidsurveys.com/signupnow.html
    Anyone know anything about this offer? The cost is $39.95 reduced from $79.95. Gives list of companies paying for survery, etc. Claims to weed out the scams. Any input would be appreciated.
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    Re: Another scam site???

    What exactly are you looking to do? Get into taking surveys? Paying for a list is all fine and dandy - you can get some good sites that way but ask around here and you can get some of the same info that site would give you for free.
    Patricia Lynne's Treasures
    Why should you look there? Because it's not a get rich scam.
    It's my store! I got it up (almost gotta add a few items and spell check LOL) I got domain hosting and email accounts. I sent out my application for sales tax. I'm so excited. Also check out my blog at myspace page

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    Re: Another scam site???

    I would say DON'T pay for a site. There is a good and legitimate list of survey companies in my signature. No offer sites, no email harvesting sites, etc.

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