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    Roulette Computers for beating roulette?

    Hi there

    Watch out for this Fraudster Stefano(Steven George) hourmouzis and his sites


    Most people that sell roulette systems sell absolute rubbish.

    Anyone wanting Stefano hourmouriz system, the paper system that costs 2000 AU dollars, the one where he shows video footage at his site genuinewinner.com, check out the predicted number he calls out, its always the number that is directly opposite, its simply dealer signature, hes giving the ball and rotor the exact same sort of force to make it land at the number opposite from where he releases from, most people can master this in around 2 hours of practice. If you come and see me, I will show you several roulette computers from different sources, and for free you are welcome to try Stefanos Roulette computer and see how badly it works, or evaluate his paper system to see if that works completely free of charge at my offices in the UK.

    He also claims that he has been selling for over 10 years, yet only 7 years ago he was convicted of fraud for only making 7000 Australian dollars and sent to prison, question is, why commit the fraud if he genuinely has a roulette system that works or a roulette computer that works for over 10 years like he cliams? He was also living not in a millionaires pad like he claims, but with his mummy and daddy supporting his little backside and washing his underwear! He also failed to get in the airforce, failed his Physics degree and claims, without any evidence whatsoever that he is amongst other things an energy researcher!

    Anyone wishing to pay him, use a credit card with protective insurance(Clear it first with your credit card company), check with MBNA bank if they have refunded a payment for his products to Scott _Bucannan in Scotland before you buy, or to Stephen Balino from Hawaii in the states with American Express. Steven George Hourmouzis is blacklisted for taking payments at several credit card companies because people ask for their money back. He now gets you to sign a¨legal agreement thAT YOU CANNOT DISCUSS HIS PRODUCTS TO ANYONE, thats to stop you complaining legally. always ask your credit card first if you are covered on buying such products before you do.

    Oh, AND THE BEST ONE\ he claims that his system is the one that casinos are trying to stop, yet when they offered to test his products and agree to his challenge, he declined because they said they would spin the ball and rotor. go figure from his footage yourself at genuinewinner.com! Check out the number under the opposite diamond from where he releases the ball from, post your results here for all to see.

    He offers a million dollars to anyone challenging him, but I challenged him, he tried to say some worthless semi precious stones with no validation of value were worth 1 million, yet could not turn them into cash, or borrow of his bank against them, another scam. The Vegas casinos backed me, I did not even have to dip into my pockets. Where was his cash, he was made a laughing stock on gamblersglen.com. People soon realised he had no money, only some stones he had dug up as a child because his father had told him they were worth something, the poor sucker has kept them, that info was from one of stefanos old friends in Australia, again, posted at gamblersglen.com

    The guy is suppose to be suing me now for 3 years, not one solicitors letter, another puff from his back passage Isuppose!

    He also claimed to have phoned a Lawyer at 7am in the morning to sort out the deal, when I pointed out that the time was 7am on a sunday morning inm Australia, he claimed he was a personal friend to cover his tracks, I asked for the Lawyers full name and offices, but he never came forward with them. The guy is a true walter mitty character and lives in a fantasy world. This was echoed by the arresting officers after they had read his BS on the net after areesting him for fraud

    checkout his belief that the illuminati run the world, this guy certainly has a screw loose, hes been watching to many films thats for sure, please, someone tell him that its only a story, or loosly based on lunatics from a another time!

    Oh and please look at his energy research, thats really funny, check out the Hamster Rocket he claims makes free energy set his mothers Shrubbery at his parents, he linked this up to a car and claims it runs on free energy, the guys a laughing stock in my university! A Joe cell as it is known to the people in this field was proven not to produce any free energy at all many years ago, its simply electrolysis of water, the separation of water into Hydrogen and Oxygen.

    He also claims he has a workable roulette computer, this uses a mobile phone, but again, using dealer signature, its a fake! Once you plug in the induction loop in his phone, it becomes a massive and awkward device to use, check out his leads and plug for the loop!

    Even his name is not real, its actually Steven (George) Hourmouzis, just so you do not type in Steven Hourmouzis in google and come to this site


    also check Stefanos other malicious counter site that he tried to say was set up by someone else

    Here he gets my address wrong, the poor people living at that address had an attempted kid-knapping on their children because they thought it was my address. I even got a visit by the Police regards this site at my real address. The police were informed in Australia, yet the information remains there. anyone coming to visit me will clearly see this is not my address. I rented there for a very short while many years ago, never lived there when I was staying in the UK.Why would someone be so stupid as to claim someones rich living at an address and risk getting it wrong and show it on the net, has the guy got no scruples, does he not care if the children of the new occupants get hurt at that address, nope, he certainly does not, the same as he did not care when he fiddled thousands of people out of their savings from arificially inflating share prices through spamming. Some old folk had placed all their savings in this for their future, others for their childrens education. Although Stefano(Steven George) Hourmouzis only made 7,000 Au Dollars because he bottled it and panicked and sold up nearly immediately, the scam had taken hold and victims continued to get conned by this sick scam.

    Even the Feds, oh yes, it was an international case, laughed when they found out this toe wragg sold educational material on the net and earned an irregular income ( Basically, he was not cutting it in the real world, just making a measly living part time), you can read all about it at this site. Stefano was 24 years old at the time.


    The guy now offers 1 million dollar challenge that HE can show his system working, of course he can, hes making the ball go directly where he wants, you have to download his video at genuinewinner.com and note the opposite diamond from where he releases the ball, the number he calls, is the number directly opposite most of the time from the ball release point!

    Why does he use a fake name, why lie about been in business and having successful roulette systems and computers for over 10 years when 7 years ago he was doing interent fraud. Where was his winning systems then, seems like they did not exist!

    He now hates me with a vengence because I did my homework on him after he paid me for my roulette computer with his real name.

    Oh and by the way, for those wishing to come and see a real roulette computer work, you can spin the ball yourself if you wish on modern roulette wheels that are set level or tilted, please contact me at [email protected]
    take a look at roulette mathematics at http://predictroulette.com

    all viewings are totallly free, just out of interest if you like, you will be impressed.

    Even my mobile phones are 3 times smaller than stefanos, we make our own in the ear hearing aids, these are totally invisible and are the worlds smallest units currently. We also make transmitter pens.

    Roulette can be beaten, if you have a team of mathematicians, physicists to work out the optimum algorithms for beating roulette, state of the art engineering and electronic departments like we have and access to some of the finest brains in the UK!

    We have also been doing this for 20 years!

    We recently gave a demonstration to the Guardian Newspaper because we are so confident of our products.


    Then there is the story of the guy that wanted an op in the states to help him walk, he purchased Stefanos roulette computer with his only savings hoping, just hoping, no not hopping, hoping, that maybe he would be able to get that op on his leg afterall. I felt so sorry for the guy when he had the guts to contact me, that I sent him a free roulette computer so that he could make some real money.

    Hope you find this article interesting, anyone wanting help in evaluating systems, plase contact me before purchasing, i can usually tell you if they have merit or not.




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    Re: Roulette Computers for beating roulette?

    No selling your **** here. Moderator Alert!

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