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    The TRUE Secrets of paid on-line surveys! I wrote the book!

    Based on the Book "Secrets of Paid On-line Surveys!"
    By Phillip Chambley

    Hi! This Phillip Chambley! Former 5 year market research interviewer and analyst. Also, author of "Secrets of paid on-line surveys!" Yes, I do agree that over 90% of the paid survey sites listed on the internet are scams. These people charge ridiculous prices, mostly because they have to spend so much money on advertisement. I know for a fact that some of them spend as much as $5.00 per click through google adwords campaigns.

    The biggest problem I have found is that people just don't have the knowledge, patience and understanding of market research. They also have not conducted enough research to find the right "cash" paying survey companies, which most of these companies are listed for "FREE" with enough research.

    If you research the two words "Paid Survey" in your browser (especially google) you will find there are between 5-40 million ads trying to sell you a list of survey companies! Over 90% of these companies send you a list of 500 "so-called" survey companies and you have to search and research every company to find out which ones actually pay cash! Customer service is not any help, they just want to sell you more products.

    My wife and I purchased a list of 500 "so-called" survey companies for $34.95 over the internet *(which at the time I really didn't understand how they could produce so many links, but I will explain the reason why later in this article).

    Ironically, we spent the next 3 months joining all 500 companies because we were so broke at the time we didn't have anything else to do besides work and watch T.V. Believe it or not, only 18 companies turned out to be legitimate "cash" paying survey companies! Over 200 of these companies pay with prizes and gifts of different sorts. WE have finally narrowed it down to a financial science each month, completing paid surveys with companies that send out surveys on a daily basis. However, by using the knowledge I learned as a market research interviewer, I understand the screening process which is why so many respondents have problems completing paid surveys. My wife and I have been very financially stable each month with the help of paid surveys. Sometimes we get paid almost everyday through checks in the mail or paypal and keep all the products they send us!

    The difference between these 3 companies:

    1. Paid survey sites: Companies that sell you a list of survey companies, normally over the internet.

    2. Survey companies: Companies that send you the "actual" survey, normally through your email listed when you join. Sometimes surveys are also sent in the mail. You can also join your local focus groups and make money the same day in your area. Just research "focus groups" in your area. Google usually has the most listings.

    3. Market research: These are the companies that work with the manufacturers to figure out "Why? How? When? Whom?and Where?" of all the surveys sent to respondents worldwide.

    Helpful Tips:

    1. Always research any paid survey site by researching scams and or, place the name of the company in your browser and use the word "scams" beside their name. This should tell you whether or not this company is a scam artist.

    2. Be sure to investigate any complaints purchasers may have about customer service. Most of these people are very "rude" and have absolutely no idea what market research really is? They will also tell you that your 30 day guarantee has expired and "actually" try to sell you something else!

    3. If the paid survey site advertisement tells you that "you will get rich doing this" this is the biggest bag of lies you could possibly fathom. From my knowledge and experience, the most you could possibly make is $800.00 per week and that would be by sitting at your computer 24 hours a day! An average part-time income each week would be roughly about $300.00 per week, which is actually great for housewives with children. As a matter of fact, a lot of these surveys are sent to children with parental supervision! If you join the right companies, they will also send you products to try out in your home and actually pay you for your opinion and you keep the products!

    4. Never complete any surveys that state the word "FREE" in the headline. In other words, if the survey states something like "Fill out this survey and you will receive a free $50.00 gift certificate. They are actually trying to find out which products you would be interested in purchasing while you are filling out this long screening process. Do not give them your email address or credit card number. You will receive hundreds of junk mail everyday, and still not receive your $50.00 gift certificate until you purchase at least $400.00 of merchandise!

    5. Research paid survey sites that state "free paid surveys" in your browser, most of these companies listed are usually legitimate paying survey companies. If you are not sure, set up a junk email account, join and test each company. These particular paid survey sites make their money through the referrals when you click the links and join each company, that's the reason why they don't charge anything. I personally prefer these companies over the companies that you purchase the list from.

    6. I am not supposed to tell you this, but I will tell you one secret anyway. Always mark, "NONE OF THE ABOVE" if you work for any of these companies when completing the screening process. This is the number one reason why so many people fail the screening process. Just don't tell the survey companies I told you this because this, because this is called a "conflict of interest'" for certain occupations which market research companies are very strict about.

    7. * Whenever you purchase a list of survey companies, they will supply the links to join from. Believe or not, the majority of these links are referral links and these paid survey sites actually make more money whenever you join these companies! Can you imagine how much money they made whenever we joined all 500 companies!

    8. Don't submit too many email addresses for "cash paid survey" companies they will eventually track you down and suspend you from your IP address. Unless of course, you have access to 8 different IP addresses and computers!

    9. Relax and just try to be patient whenever you are completing surveys. Think of this as a "FUN" part-time job you can do in your home 24 hours a day! With practice and research you and your family can make an extra income each month and also enjoy these products they send out each week 100% FREE! We have NEVER paid any of these companies one penny. A "Legitimate" market research survey company will never charge you anything to join! If they do? This is 100% FRAUD!

    Just try to remember most of all, that the opinions you give everyday on these surveys will make a difference in the future products that you sometimes purchase on a daily basis, whether it be a grocery store or your local retailer, these are consumer products all human beings use in their daily lives, "Worldwide"

    I hope this information has helped to give you a better understanding of paid survey sites, survey companies and market research companies.
    Please be sure to check out our website:


    Phillip & Donna Chambley[B]
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