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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Biggest money scam going.

    I just watched "freedom to fascism". that movie puts it all into perspective, why everything is the way it is and who really is the puppet master. I reccomend it to anyone interested and you can watch it for free at google. parts might make you a bit angry. which is good. people need to start getting angry and not taking it anymore.

    This is one of the better "truth" movies in that,
    everything in it is the truth. Well isn't that what
    you'd wanna see in a truth movie? Aaron Russo
    hits the nail on the head...






    OK I will try to make this short.

    1 - Bank prints money.

    2 - Bank lends out $100,000 of this in the form of a loan.

    3 - Person borrowing the money has to pay back $110,000.

    OK then the question is extremely simple....

    If the bank is the only entity allowed to print money and is the only
    entity printing money, how can 10% more money be paid back to
    the bank when there is not enough money in circulation? In other
    words, the amount of money owed to the bank is always 10% more
    than the money that exists in society. My point is, it is not possible
    to pay the money back.

    I never really got
    it until tonight listening to a guy on jack Blood who just spelled it out in such simple terms.

    Can anyone explain how this system is NOT designed to implode in on itself?

    The debt bubble just gets bigger and bigger which is what causes economic
    crashes like in 1929. Now, just like back then, there is more and more money
    being printed! This only serves to DEVALUE THE CURRENCY. It does NOT actually
    "create" any more real wealth in society.

    I am beginning to understand now why we have these wars on ONLY the countries
    who firstly, do not have this sickening system of USURY in place and secondly, they
    have their currency backed by a real commodity - its called gold.

    Money in the western world is not backed by gold, it is backed by blind faith and
    that ladies and gentlemen... is not real.

    the answer to my question lied lies in the IMF-organization , I thought http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interna..._Monetary_Fund

    and I thought that rates on loans were bound or set according to a nations economicical growth
    economics is not about being wealthy but mainly on how to get wealthier than your competetors in the market you're operatiting in
    who has the biggest slice and can keep it as long as possible for itself, (=my theory of economics in a nuttshell)

    after WOII all countries became in debt with the bank of all banks, guess who has the biggest debt, ....the US
    now all wealthy countries have to work on their "budget deficit", that's where all your money goes

    In this study, ther were no real interesting insights for me being thought ,it sucked I don't even consider economics to be a science

    politicians and companies always talk about macro-economics
    me in daily life ,I only have to do wth the meso and micro-economics, I mean how's your job and your neibourhood?

    it's making me sick,

    Economics, always whispered about in the halls of learning as being a difficult course of study, and those who are awarded degrees are viewed as being the smartest.

    None of it can withstand scrutiny. It's not a science, which is why the subject is taught alongside "Sociology", "philosophy" and "Politics". The "smart" posessed by the self-proclaimed "Economist" is a keen ability to use obscure words and vague theories in an improvisational way so that the economist sounds as if they know what they are saying, even though there is no real way to consistently interpret any substantial meaning from what has been said. And have you noticed that the only economists considered to be of any worth, are those who have the most money?

    Even the most basic "laws", like supply and demand, or currency representing the value of goods and services are mallable and subject to manipulation and conflict for interest (compounded daily).

    Economists are more accurately identified if they drop the pretense and own up to their true identies.

    They are Gansters and POLITICIANS!!! (all economic blather ultimately favors a political agenda) Politicians are really illusionists skilled in distraction and verbal ambiguity, who specialize in selling jars of **** to the voters that think the jar is full of apple butter. To give them credit, they are amazing at doing this. The lofty doublespeak and dog and pony show could only work for a limited time. Since we are becoming less intimidated and becoming aware of the deception and nonsense, maybe we are evolving to a stage where these puffed-up used-car salesmen will die-off.

    I was always taught that money are supposed to represent the
    added value of human " production " ..

    Since humans produce more and more
    " goods " of higher and higher value , we should
    also have more and more money...
    well we don't , because "they" ALWAYS print
    less money than the " actual " value of human production ..
    thus there is ALWAYS a shortage of CASH
    ( not of bonds , shares and other "non-money" money )
    I guess that's what they really mean with that
    "surplus and demand" mantra they keep chanting like
    it's some kind of Natural Law ..
    Now IF they actually PRINTED and CIRCULATED
    the money representing the value of human
    production , it would be obvious to everybody just how stinking
    " rich " this Planet is.. think about it , the combined value of the
    work of all the people who ever lived , circulating as cash ?
    We would be up to our knees in the stuff and nobody would
    care abut them any more.....

    It's just one of those illusions that become true because
    most people believe it . And it doesn't matter wether
    money is "backed" by gold or not , that's an illusion to ..
    in what do you measure the value of gold ? $$$$$$

    But it's quite telling that the people that are being set up
    to be the next " jews " in " the clash of civilizations " , WW3 ,
    are the ones who consider "interest" to be a sin and act
    thereafter... Islamic banking is a threat to " our freedoms "

    but when I say backed by gold it is only so the banks cannot
    just print money out of thin air. I know its BS if its backed by gold
    but at least if it was - banks would need to have that gold to then
    print money.

    This is how it all started when Rothschild was in his ghetto "counting"
    money, he realised he never ever had to give back all the money
    to people that were saving it with him because thats just it - they
    were saving it with him... so he started issuing paper reciepts that
    in the beginning were backed up by gold. Even whilst the scam was
    going on the paper receipts were always backed by gold except there
    simply wasn't enough gold to fully back up the paper receipts all at
    the same time, but that never happened so the scam worked.

    These days it is taken to extremes where we have "Fractional Reserve
    Banking" (nice name) or if you want to get in touch with reality its USURY
    (truthful name) where interest is applied to money that has not, does not
    and will never exist! banks can lend out $10 for every $1 they have in
    reserve. Can normal hardworking people do that? NO! Its then called
    "Counterfeit money"!!!!!!!!

    Its not counterfeit when the banks counterfeit it, they have a bank licence
    that excuses them - thats just it though it is an EXCUSE its not right or even
    lawful I don't think to do what they do, print money out of nothing, if it was
    that easy we wouldn't all be f**king working, would we?!

    The whole of the muslim world does not go along with this system of usury,
    it is against their religion - this goes one hell of a long way towards why we
    are always at war with muslims - they arn't terrorists, its all bull**** man, just
    all propaganda because the greedy bastards at the top cannot face the fact
    that they do not control a particular contries finances like Iraq, Serbia... the
    list throughout the last 50 or 100 years is ALL and ONLY the countries they
    wanted to control - now they DO control Iraq's finances whereas once they
    did not, because Iraq didn't go along with the "debt money system" and like
    all the so-called "rogue nations" it had its own sensible and healthy financial

    If theres anything the globalists keep quiet about then its this stuff.

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: Biggest money scam going.


    Copied from another thread..

    I would like to start this thread by pointing out that I am not a racist and this post is
    not about Jew bashing. I have Jewish ancestry myself so I'd be the last to make anti-Semitic
    statements. I'm merely highlighting what I believe to be the biggest threat to true freedom
    and democracy anywhere in the world: The political movement known as Zionism

    If you've never heard of the Zionist banking cartel, or ZOG* as it's often known, this is
    because they use their incredible power and wealth to largely evade the public eye.

    *Zionist Occupation Government

    So here goes...

    There's a global government that controls the entire world banking system and its epicentre
    is in the financial district of London, otherwise known as the square mile (A small district which
    is actually independent of England in the same way that the Vatican is independent from Italy).

    This Zionist banking cartel is controlled by one man called Lord Jacob Rothschild.

    This is what he looks like:

    Sure looks the part doesn't he.

    The Rothschild family has controlled world finance since approximately the battle of
    Waterloo (almost 200 years ago in 1815) and today they control the US Federal Reserve, the
    bank of England, the European central bank, the peoples' bank of China and every major bank
    in the world
    . All of these banking institutions are actually privately owned by the Rothschilds
    and are not governmental institutions as people are led to believe: There's nothing federal
    about the 'fed'.

    This is how the scam works: Say that the US gov't needs $20 billion for a new missile program.
    It goes to the US Federal Reserve, which is owned by the Rothschilds, and asks for $20 billion.
    The fed' then prints $20 billion and issues it to the US gov't as a loan which has to be paid back
    in full with interest! Gone are the days when national governments printed their own currency for
    free. Nowadays every note printed has to be paid back to the Zionist banking cartel with interest
    and this is the reason that all national governments anywhere in the world have a national debt.

    The US national debt now stands at over $8 trillion, every penny of it being
    owed to Lord Rothschild... That's eight thousand billion!


    It is this very system of debt/credit that keeps the entire world in a state of servitude.
    The Zionist bankers control the ebb and flow of credit. They therefore control national
    governments, the media and all major institutions by proxy.

    Yes, the Rothschilds are Jewish and they are at the head of global Zionism but I'm not
    being anti-Semitic here. I would be the first to say that the Jewish people have been used
    and abused by the Zionist bankers. The Jews have been used as a front by the super-rich,
    in the same way that the mafia would use legitimate business as a front for their nefarious
    activities. It is the Zionist banking cartel who are the root cause of anti-Semitism wherever
    it may raise its ugly head.

    For a fuller explanation of Zionism and how it controls and manipulates world affairs I would
    urge you to click on the links below and download and listen to the audio files. They're a radio
    interview conducted by a popular internet radio host called Jeff Rense. This is his excellent
    website... http://www.rense.com/



    In the interview, Jeff speaks to a man called Henry Makow who is actually a Jew.
    Makow is an expert on global Zionism. This is no kooky, far out conspiracy theory.
    It doesn't have anything to do with flying saucers or aliens. It's all 100% provable.

    The Zionist bankers, headed by the Rothschild family have been controlling the ebb
    and flow of global credit for nearly two hundred years now and the vast majority of
    the population of planet earth remain blissfully unaware.
    so many lives have existed or have been suppressed directly or indirectly by this family
    the economy rules man kind now

    i never knew or thought china was in there grips. i wonder if russia is also too then

    recently a top banking official in russia got assassinated
    he was a banker that was against corruption, who know which side he was playing for

    anyway, i think the solution is for people to start bartering
    now we need a genius to setup a system and get everyone to participate

    Why dont we just do as the Rothschilds
    Its interesting that one of the side-effects of "the war of terror"
    is a crack-down on " Islamic terrorist-financing" ie Islamic banking:

    "Islamic banking refers to a system of banking or banking activity which is consistent with Islamic law (Sharia) principles and guided by Islamic economics. In particular, Islamic law prohibits usury, the collection and payment of interest, also commonly called riba in Islamic discourse. Generally, Islamic law also prohibits trading in financial risk (which is seen as a form of gambling)." source : WIKI

    I have this "private theory" that OBL & AQ DID hijack ONE plane on 911
    or plan some other kind of attack and that their actual target was the Carlyle Groups (just another Rothschild front) investor-meeting .
    The royal Saudis , Papa Bush , former UK PM John Major and
    MEMBERS OF THE BIN LADIN's attended this annual gathering.
    That would have drawn a lot of attention to this corrupt gathering
    of the NWO mob and propably would have ment the end of the
    dictatorship in Saudi-Arabia and maybe the US one to.

    He just got outsmarted and used by the untouchables who have their
    own private agenda with the entire world and its Peoples .

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: Biggest money scam going.

    When people say "our politicians arn't evil they are just incompetent" I have always said...

    What is more difficult - to be stupid and pretend to be clever (and actually pull it off)
    OR to be clever and pretend to be stupid? Of course its the easiest thing in the world
    for a clever person to make out that they are stupid, then they don't get blamed for
    anythting "oh its OK he is just incompetent" and in that case then why the hell are we
    supporting these idiots? Why do they even work for the Government IF they are indeed

    Both are owned by the same bunch of mega-rich globalists because it is these mega-rich
    globalists who hold meetings like the "Bilderberg Group" which has the worlds top oil tycoons,
    royalty and bankers like the Rothschilds attending the meetings. You only have to look at the
    way these meetings are 100% secret - the location is secret, the list of people attending the
    meeting is secret, they have hundreds of armed guards 2 miles around the location stopping
    anyone going near the meeting and this is just the "Bilderberg Group" - there are others like
    the "Council on Foreign Relations" and the "Trilateral Commission".

    Prime Monster - Tiny B Liar, attended a Bilderberg meeting in the early to mid 1990's,
    he denies ever attending this meeting but he did attend one of them. In 1997 he became
    Prime Monster! It will have been because at this meeting, in front of the worlds top
    bankers, royal families of Europe and oil tycoons, the guys who REALLY set the policy,
    that Tony B Liar will have impressed them enough to be pushed, funded etc so he becomes
    the leader, then once he is there as leader he can pursue the policies not of the people, but
    of these elite globalists - their agenda.

    Now of course if we only had one party - there would be uproar... people would then truly
    know they do not have any choice and all they can vote for is globalist A or globalist B, so
    we have 2 parties but it doesn't matter what party these people SAY they belong to, they
    only belong to the guys above them who fund them. If they step out of line, like JFK did,
    then they get what JFK got.

    Behind the scenes, the Bushes and Clintons are best buddies! Bush Senior once referred to
    Bill Clinton as "our boy". This will have been long before Clinton actually became President,
    but it doesn't matter, they are clever guys that are all friends pretending to be enemies.

    It is people like "Lord Rothschild" which have not millions, not billions but trillions of dollars at
    their disposal, that fund both sides of Government AND both sides of all wars and revolutions
    around the world since the mid 1800's.

    It was the Rothschild family that literally looted the whole of Europe. They gained control
    of the Bank of England in the late 1800's. Read the story on Wikipedia about "Meyer Amschel
    Bauer" and this explains how it was done, Bauer sent each of his 5 sons to European countries,
    one to Paris, one to Vienna, one to Rome, one to London and one to Naples. In the US however
    they even control the Federal Reserve! Yes the Federal Reserve is owned not by the people of the
    US, not the US Government either but twelve private banks - it is rumored that the Rothschilds
    in fact own all twelve of these banks - they are the guys at the very top in my opinion, there is
    no one that could possibly be funding THEM because they own so much - supposedly these guys
    own half the worlds wealth - one family! It is meant to be somewhere in the region of $250 Trillion
    to $800 Trillion but who knows, they have so much power, money, influence that even they
    probably don't know how much money they have.


    A few more links of interest...

    you sitting comfortably, children?

    I shall begin...

    Money Myth Exploded

    the money master video also speaks of this type of usury

    Next, watch A

    The Biggest Game In Town - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report eXPosed

    Those are all good documentaries!


    Shadow Company: An outstanding look at who is really fighting our wars

    BBC Why We Fight: A great look at War and our Country's (USA) Knowledge, or lack there of

    Death of a President: A fictional documentary based on the assassination of W based in 2008

    and for the religious types (or non for that matter) nothing like a good Richard Dawkins doc:

    and for those not on the know about Tesla:

    here is one on companies, amazing what laws we passed to PROTECT these thieves:

    and one on Google with some interesting things lol:


    the power of nightmares

    Excellent docu in the fud being spread by governmets

    adam curtis


    Jim Mars traces the election's of the 20th century and breaks down how the election process in the Us, has been affected by Guns, assasins and secret socities.


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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: Biggest money scam going.

    Bill hicks
    Watch the guy who exposed corruption but could manage to make a joke out of it
    at the same time, f**king genius. It was watching Human Traffic I first saw a 20
    second clip with Bill Hicks, I think that was what initially made me start to ask some
    questions about how screwed up the world is, these days its obvious to me why it
    is screwed up but it never was back when I saw Human Traffic,
    Stand up show

    Bill Hicks' Legendary One Night Stand, 1990

    oh cool so you know about the global conspiracy?

    Are you caught up in the "Illuminati controls all" cul-de-sac like most? If so, may I point you to an excellent website that exposes what appears to be the highest controlling entity within the global ocnspiracy agenda - the Jesuit Order - http://s13.invisionfree.com/THE_UNHIVED_MIND/

    Once you start researching the Jesuits, you'll rapidly begin to realise how powerless the Illuminati families are in relation to the Jesuit Order.

    The best research material on the Jesuits...

    Check out the popular google video i made. it will explain the Jesuit role for you - http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?...q=who+controls


    The Case for a 100% Gold Dollar

    many informative resources here
    source - http://www.mises.org/studyguide.aspx......bject&Id=11


    David Icke - Robots Rebellion.
    (Neptune Theatre, Liverpool, 10th November 1994)

    I think this is David Ickes best lecture.

    He does not mention reptiles so, that stops all the people
    who won't listen to him because of that. dry.gif I repeat,
    theres NO talk of reptilians in this video...


    his is the first David Icke lecture I ever saw.

    Before discovering this, or any of the information
    he lays out, I too had my head in the sand, or more
    like, I did not even KNOW I had my head in the sand
    until I saw this.

    Realplayer files - 4 hours 30 minutes in 6 parts...


    Aldous Huxley was an intellectual of the highest order.

    He wrote a book in the mid 1930's detailing a "Brave New World".

    He was born in 1894 and died in 1963.

    Here is a lecture he gave in 1962, it directly refers to the use
    of terrorism as a form of control over the masses and how one
    "method" as he calls it, is to get people to almost like being
    a slave.

    Isn't this EXACTLY the world we have seen unfold over the last 5 years?

    Aldous Huxley knew a lot and I mean a lot.

    He openly talks about how terrorism could be used to create
    an Orwellian world. Folks, we LIVE in a world now that makes
    Orwells book, 1984, look like a circus! In my eyes, the real
    world is way past what Orwell wrote about, with "double think"
    and so on, meaning things like justifying terrorism (bombing
    Iraq) whilst at the same time condemning other forms
    of the same thing - terrorism, suicide bombers, its all killing
    innocent people, this is classic "double think" that Orwell predicted,
    but Aldous Huxley beats Orwell! Aldous Huxley is like a real Orwell...

    Unbelievable that this lecture is 44 years old when you listen to the stuff he is saying...



    Cheeny is a traitor

    we didn't know , we couldn't do anything , were just incompetent

    Yeah right , now see Norman Mineta , former US secretary of transportation
    testify before the 911 ©ommission :


    Cheney knew and he ordered the US Airforce to do.....NOTHING
    Mr.Cheney : Go **** yoursel

    No introduction is needed, just watch and more importantly, LEARN,
    take the information in, don't just ignore this stuff, take a break from
    your f**king television for 40 minutes OK and wonder why isn't stuff
    like this ever on TV huh...


    There are countless 911 videos.

    This can only be a good thing, to help us find out who was responsible.

    This one shows Alex Jones at the beginning predicting the attack in
    July 2001. He can see it coming, he can read the Government like
    an open book. Recently he made another prediction similar, that by
    October/November 2006 there will be another attack. He is right in
    saying that this is only his second prediction of this type, the first
    one was in July 2001. He doesn't "predict" it though he can tell the
    way the Government behaves, warning us there will be another attack.
    This is the way these evil globalist satanists operate, they get a kick
    out of telling us what they are going to do, in a subtle way, but AJ can
    see the signs, he sure as hell saw it in 2001 anyway.


    The Iran Iraq War
    Reporter Terry lloyd

    see the zionist crimes in action
    graphic - includes gassing of kurds


    Still think the us lost the war



    o you also support the talmud jews?
    you cant be patriotic and ignore israel, your countries taxes sure dont. why is it that 8 million dollars are given to them every day?? me thinks your going to lose a long term war for israel

    ou know that soldiers over there are said to be sitting ducks
    this stormfront post shows it, but the website linked within the post also claims that an isreali agent is killing american soldiers.
    Could the soldiers be intentionally under supplied so that the war is dragged on longer, thus war profiteers further profit on american tax payer monies??


    If you still have doubts about the WTC tower's collapse, watch this movie. One and a half hours of proof... it's worth watching, there's no way those building collapsed due to the airplanes:


    Complete Research :

    http://www.implosionworld.com/news.htm (they're probably in on it too - bet they have a Jew working there) wink.gif

    Last updated 9/06/2006

    http://xim.prophp.org/img/WTCClarified.swf < as Flash (fast, no ads - a unique hit is appreciated) ~1 Meg

    Concluding remarks:

    Can you explain what Larry Silverstein says here...


    ... I assume you consider this to be "theoretical"?


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    Re: Biggest money scam going.

    Anybody who cares whether or not I read what he has to say will express him/herself in a few paragraphs in a concise manner. If you cannot be brief, I'll assume your point needs too much explanation and therefor not very strong. The rest of you can have at it if you wish.
    The terminally stupid and certifiably insane.

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: Biggest money scam going.

    Only half of it is to read ( 2 posts and a bit), the rest is links and comments on the links

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    Re: Biggest money scam going.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fizban "The Fabulous"
    Only half of it is to read ( 2 posts and a bit), the rest is links and comments on the links

    I'll not repeat myself. :)
    The terminally stupid and certifiably insane.

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    Re: Biggest money scam going.

    well, the video in question is just a bunch of rhetoric and of course misunderstanding by Ruso on many aspects of the tax law.


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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: Biggest money scam going.

    The post was not based on the that video at all,

    The dollar is trying to go into a meltdown. But the Fed’s keep holding it up. It has fallen recently from 1.25 to the Euro to 1.33 and then it firmed up to 1.31. But late in the day on Christmas Eve the Fiscal Report of the US Government was cleverly published once traders had gone away for their holidays. In that report it says that the government’s current debt liability for all it debts is 53 trillion dollars ($53,000 billion), and that that level of debt is unsustainable and it can never be met or repaid. Essentially that report admits the government is bankrupt.

    When a currency collapses the government concerned always passes exchange control regulation to make sure citizens don’t sell the rubbish and flee into other currencies. So for Americans to have a bit of money overseas out of the dollar in the Swiss francs or the Euro is good tactics.

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    Re: Biggest money scam going.

    Yo fab! since U new here salior just relax and understand who u with.
    U think wiz is some local yahoo?
    WRONG fiz he aint!

    Neither is bogus the no flying locust. Or the paulcrawl butterfly :eek:

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    Re: Biggest money scam going.

    ...1 - Bank prints money.

    2 - Bank lends out $100,000 of this in the form of a loan.

    3 - Person borrowing the money has to pay back $110,000.

    OK then the question is extremely simple....

    If the bank is the only entity allowed to print money and is the only
    entity printing money, how can 10% more money be paid back to
    the bank when there is not enough money in circulation? In other
    words, the amount of money owed to the bank is always 10% more
    than the money that exists in society. My point is, it is not possible
    to pay the money back.
    Just one question...

    When did the Bureau of Printing and Engraving stop printing our currency?

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