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    Corporate Scam!!!

    Hey everyone,
    I keep getting this e-mail in my junk folder about 5 times a day and it's a complete scam. How do I get rid of this or stop them from sending me the e-mail? Here is a copy of it...


    Due to the growth of the sphere of our activities we are now starting a
    recruiting campaign:

    1. International Manager

    Vacancies available: 19
    Location: USA, Australia, UK, Europe
    Earnings: 450-580 $ weekly (for the first trial month)
    Schedulen: part-time (4-6 hours per week)

    More information:

    Background Requirements
    You must be familiar to the bank transfers and other payment systems.
    You must have possibility to work at least 3 hours a day.
    You don't need any special or hogher education.
    You must be a PC-user (Internet, Email)

    To apply to this position, please send your resume to
    apply@get-insured.info . Please do not forget to fill in the following
    Due to temporary problems with our main mail server, the outgoing
    is not working, please reply only to apply@get-insured.info

    1. Your full name and surname:
    2. The country you live in:
    3. Your full address:
    4. Your contact phone numbers (mobile, home, office, fax):
    5. Your contact email addresses:

    NB: This job doesn't require any investments. Your only investment will
    your free time. We provide full support.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Alice Peiner
    Staff Manager

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    Re: Corporate Scam!!!

    Your garden variety payment processing scam.

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