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    Vistim Becomes Accused.

    A 65 year old W. Virginia man lost his personal dignity and reputation when he was recently arrested in the lobby of his bank where he had done banking for five years. His arrest was reported in the local newspaper to further add to his embarrasment and denigration.
    Further, the stress presented by a potential court trial and 16 year prison sentence put him in the hospital with a heart attack.
    The bank froze his assests and he had to borrow money to get out of jail and also to pay past due bills for two months.
    The reason for his personal calamity was that after retiring, he had decided to establish a work at home occupation. He advertised as a broker for handling artwork accomplished by various artist. The basic agreement being that he would be the go between the artist and the art buyer. Many artist do not like to get involved in the selling of their work.
    Shortly, he received an unsolicited email, offering a 10 percent commission on each payment check that he handled in the transaction. He received what appeared to be a Traveler's Check for $3000.00 which he was instructed to deposit in his bank account and then wire the money in the form of a international cashier's check to a given address.
    He deposited the money in his personal bank account and then performed the directed arrangement. Problem was that the banks are allowed only a short time to hold a check before they accomodate the transaction. If the bank teller fails to properly and professionally screen the check and processed it into the account, if it is later found to be counterfeit and the indivdual having the account has received money from the bank they are then acted upon as perfoming this act with criminal intent. This is what happened to this man.
    The Scammers were; guess what? - Nigerians. They counterfeited Traveler's Checks, Money Orders, set up scam operations such as this to target and victimize legitimate business individuals such as this man. And, they seldom if ever are caught and prosecuted.
    So read this and take it to heart, for your own personal protection:

    Wire transfer scams are always the same. You receive financial instruments such as legitimate appearing Money Order, Travelers Check, Cashier Check, Personal Check. They are typically drawn for $5000.00 or less as in these amounts they are not as much a "red-flag" to the bank as greater amount
    drawn instruments. You are directed to deposit in your account and wire the money immediately to the originating party. These scammers depend upon quick turn-around to get 'their' money, before the bank discovers the financial instrument is fraudelent.


    Other means of protecting: regardless of how anxious you may be to be sucessful and prosper from your work at home, or any other business, for that matter, your best and most reliable first line of protection is yourself.
    Caution and wariness are two of the most important attitudes you can exercise.;

    - do not assume that ANY PAPER FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS you have deposited into your account are legitimate until the bank decrees that the funds have been collected from the intruments originator. Being told initially by the bank that funds are available or the check has cleared is not good enough. IF in the handling system the check is refused then the depositor - YOU - is held responsible, including having to answer to crimal charges and pay the money back, such as the aformentioned individuals.

    - if handling a check or other paper instrument for especially larger amounts of money go inside to the bank teller and ask them to immediately advise you if the instrument is legitimate or is counterfeit. It could prevent you arrest,
    preosectuion and paying back money you don't have, later.
    This is even true where you are dong contract work of any type for any person. In commencing the work, ask for a advance payment, and progress payments during various phases of the work up to the final payment. If a person balks do not take the work. When the payment is going to be a paper instrument, before buying supplies and starting the work go to your bank and have them determine that the paper instrument is legitimate.
    Once again: a "Paper Instrument" is any other method of payment than actual currcency. And this, in large denomitations is also to be treated with suspicion.

    - go to the office supply store and buy one of the "marker pens" that you see used in various businesses wherein the teller, cashier makes a mark on the Money Bill - this is a counrterfeit test. IF the Bill is counterfeit the ink will turn a certain color. Instructions are on the package with the pen. Anyone can receive counterfeit bills; $20.00 and higher denominations are the most prominent. YOu can get these counterfeits from any individual, business or even the banks. Proof mark the bill immediately upon receipt, even at the bank, before leaving. If the Bill indicates counterfeit immediately declare so. If you are attempting to deposit counterfeit bills at the bank and these are discovered the bill/s will be confiscated, you are out of the money the bill repersents and the bank may very well report you to the police.

    - trash any checks or other paper instruments claiming to be winnings from lottery sweepsdtakes, especially where there is a request for you to pay handling or processing fees.

    - don't deposit any check that exceeds the price of an item you sell online. If, say, you receive a check for $3000.00 on a $500.00 item and are requested to mail the difference back to the originator, assume the check is bogus and you will lose money.

    - do not respond to phone numbers listed in a letter you receive that explaining the reason for an unsolicited check. Scammers, often now, are using Cell Phones, especially the pay as you go, unrecorded user type, to avoid detection and capture. Same as toll free numbers, for a limited time and then changing them.

    - if you discover that you have received what appears to be a bogus Paper Financial Instrument in the mail notify your local Post Office or contact USPS at usps.com/ncsc/locators/find-is.html.

    - remember this first and last, along with all this other information: these scammers are even watching the traffic and conversational exchange on this website as well as others. Some of their most vunerable victims are being found through "my-space.com" where they depend upon the ignorance of young adolescent individuals to provide them with private sensitive information about theirself and their family.
    These people are criminals with no morals or ethics in regard to the harm of any kind they bring upon others. Consider yourself warned!
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    Re: Vistim Becomes Accused.

    refresh! :rolleyes:

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    Re: Vistim Becomes Accused.

    Quote Originally Posted by coontie
    refresh! :rolleyes:
    What the beautiful post!!! :D

    Please don't shoot the piano player, he's doing the best he can.

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    Re: Vistim Becomes Accused.

    :freak3::rasta:Hereeeee we goooo again - BUMP!!!

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