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    Craziest ever staged footage: MAKE NO MISTAKE: video released within days: Obama hits Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton backfires

    Revealed worlwide first by Last Prophet.

    MAKE NO MISTAKE: video released within days: Obama hits Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton backfires
    Craziest ever staged footage will be released within days, days after the craziest ever staged footage officially NOT captured with a hidden camera.

    The craziest ever staged footage officially NOT captured with a hidden camera will be released within days or at most weeks.
    It is the '"OBAMA" makes one LAST "OSAMA" video to prove that "Bin Laden's death is a lie', as it was revealed worldwide first by Last Prophet (1).

    "Coincidentally" the craziest ever staged footage will be released days later.
    It will be presented as officially captured with a hidden camera, starring the same actor and an actress playing herself.

    Some of the similarities between both videos.
    The male actor of the craziest ever staged footage:
    - is the ONE and ONLY actor of the craziest ever staged footage officially NOT captured with a hidden camera;
    - participates in both videos not for cash but as any member of a sect, for free (2).

    His "salary": add new bombs to the endless array used in his detonation as suicide bomber.
    "Coincidentally" it is the craziest suicide bombing operation in History.
    "Coincidentally" his detonation signals the end of all TV productions by his sect (3).
    "Coincidentally" his sect is the most prolific motion pictures company ever.

    Comparison with a previous production starring both actors
    The male actor of the craziest ever staged footage already appeared together with his co-star actress in an earlier short production, yet in the opposite role (4).
    Coincidentally" in that movie the co-star actress played:
    - an extremely milder version of his role with ... her husband in real life;
    - the opposite role with her co-star as compared to the craziest ever staged footage.

    Last Prophet and the three actors
    "Coincidentally" by Last Prophet revealed worldide firs:
    - the real life story of the co-actress and her husband, 1998 (5);
    - the real role of the co-actress, 2007;
    - the real life story of the actor, 2008 to 2012 (6).
    All these revelations remained End Times Information Processes or ETIP (7) until the sect finally released the movie trailer.
    As anyone aware of the famous final Laws (8) would have expected.

    (1) "OBAMA" makes one LAST "OSAMA" video to prove that "Bin Laden's death is a lie

    (2) ILLUMINATI members, like any other members of a sect, are NOT corruptible

    (3) "OBAMA" TRIED TO "KILL" HILLARY CLINTON just before TV sets of human cattle disconnected for GOOD

    (4) Human cattle comments: "hahahaha.. she refused to be kissed by bill, but she let Obama kiss her cheek."
    See footage at:

    (5) Clinton-Lewinsky was an End Times Information Process.
    Clinton - Lewinsky how it was staged
    #1 is the TRUTH by angelic Google ever since ... 2001
    For the record, the real story

    (6) The real life of "Obama" is in fact a movie script. But it remained an End Times Information Process all these years.
    The original script that should be implemented after systemic collapse in July 2007 and each modified script and the date it was changed.

    (7) TOTALLY censored in the age of global satellite TV (trademark CNN) and internet translates to End Times Information Process.
    Talk of CNN: angelic Google returns the truth and almost NOTHING but the TRUTH, once you add 1+1, or more precisely you add it to what this article is about:

    (8) The craziest of it all: nothing escapes the famous final Laws and yet they remained an ETIP.
    Laws of End Times - End Times Reductionism
    Nothing escapes them from land to illuminati scripts (from 911 "planes" to Oslo "victims" to megamillions and euromillions jackpot "winners").
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    Re: Craziest ever staged footage: MAKE NO MISTAKE: video released within days: Obama hits Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton backfires

    Jan 11, 2013
    The illuminati are too weak, again they did not dare detonate their suicide O'bomber in October.
    For the same reason they did not dare have "Romney" win the November "election".
    That change in script was decided as "votes" were being "counted".
    The original 2007 script, to have a "white republican impostor" as president disarming the citizens and have him immediately after also detonate to let Hillary be declared successor of GW Bush, was again postponed, exactly like 2008, when "born in Panama Canal Zone" McCain played that role (1).

    As the illuminati can no longer wait and yet are so weak, it looks that they decided that it will be "black democrat" "Obama" to disarm the citizens. In other words: "Obama" will detonate only after the job is done.

    So they just keep adding meaningless bombs (2) to the endless array of Obomber and try to be sarcastic about their own weakness (3).

    Disarm the citizens - the ONE and ONLY task ever since systemic collapse in July 2007, that still must be completed before the nazi constitution is formally proclaimed.
    Both the original July 2007 script as well as each change ever since were exposed worldwide first and so far only by Last Prophet Matt Marriott.
    The 2007-2012 "Disarm the citizens in the USA" script shows:
    - how weak the illuminati are;
    - how totally brainwashed the human cattle is, allowing the illuminati, despite their weakness, to transport them to the slaughterhouse.

    (2) Latest example from today:
    Illuminati "reporting":
    "The Scandal That Will Bring Obama Down"
    It’s even worse than we previously thought. A retired four-star admiral is now claiming that Barack Obama intentionally conspired with America’s enemies to stage a bogus attack and the kidnapping of an American ambassador so he could “negotiate” the release of a “hostage” and bolster his mediocre approval ratings just prior to the election!

    (3) From same article:
    But something went horribly wrong with Obama’s “October Surprise.”

    ====== REMINDER of LAST PROPHET's words from October 2012
    Published Oct 13, 2012 at

    ** OCTOBER 2008 SURPRISE ** minor and ** MAJOR ** change in 2012 illuminati script

    The 2008 October surprise script was exposed by Last Prophet more than 4 years ago: "“Obama impeached asks his crowd to elect Clinton”". (1)
    Illuminati have postponed the October surprise for now 4 years.

    2008-2012: the ongoing upscaled global genocide agenda continues:
    - mass murder of elderly;
    - hormonal destruction of children and teenagers with Bisphenol A, particularly in water PET bottles;
    - generalized cancer with GMO;
    - vaccination alias vassassination;
    - energy "saving" lamps.
    Months ago the FEMA extermination camps start rolling, at this point still fed mostly by mass detentions at "Occupy" type of "protests" organized by the illuminati. (2)

    2012 - only two tactic weapons not yet used
    But as systemic collapse nears completion, illuminati have only two unused weapons left, other than nuclear holocaust:
    - repeat what they test in Syria, using illuminati agents Assad and Ahmadinejad (3): a few mass murderers (airforce pilots, tanks) bombing much more than 99% of the population, now no more completely disrmed but defending themselves only with machine guns.
    - one tactic weapon, the supervised ethnic civil war.

    One minor and one MAJOR change in surprise
    The surprise will be no more “Obama impeached asks his crowd to elect Clinton” but it will be "Obama impeached and stripped of his title(s) asks his crowd to fight the whites".

    So: a minor addendum (AND stripped) and a major change in script: supervised ethnic civil war (4).

    The minor change in script: no longer impeached as senator but impeached as president and also stripped of his presidential title with Hillary Clinton proclaimed 44th President and successor of GW Bush.

    October again and illuminati religion
    Unlike 2008 there is no major reason to stage the surprise in October, before the November "election".
    Latest headlines in the script of the execution of the greatest cyclist ever, falsely accused of doping: "Armstrong plotted the most sophisticated conspiracy ever in sports".
    Reminder: Lance Armstrong was stripped not from one but from seven titles, so when "Obama" will be "executed" for "the most sophisticated conspiracy ever in politics", it is irrelevant if he was previously stripped of one or two titles. (5)
    Yet unless the illuminati feel again too weak to supervise the ethnic civil war they will launch the surprise in October. (7)

    Why? Because of their religion (7), that was already damaged as they did not feel strong enough in October 2008 to do it.

    (1) 2008 article survived here:

    (2) The Jews detained by the Nazis, version 2 - this time not one third of the population but 0,001% (and many of them foreign mercenaries) arresting the rest
    Madrid 2012: Spanish Schindler saves hundreds from extermination camps, But for how long?

    (3) Syria Assad ordered to go chemical, Turkey Erdogan to occupy Syria. Iran Ahmadinejad MUST NOT fall - Libya fake war script repeated in Syria

    (4) For the record
    Ethnic Civil War, Illuminati last tactic weapon: Controlled ...
    8 Jul 2009 ...Supervised Ethnic Civil War is the main reason in ongoing B-plan.

    (5) "Obama" stripped of his presidential title(s) with Hillary Clinton proclaimed 44th President and successor of GW Bush. Exposed long before Lance Armstrong was stripped.

    (6) "Obama" detonates each day as fake successor of GW Bush, from "debates" with with actor Richard Jenkins alias toupee "Romney"...
    ... to new "crimes" added to the endless array of bombs used in the script for his fake suicide bonber role.
    Hillary Clinton, the last face of the last antichrist, triggers some of these bombs.
    Example using the staged Benghazi attack hoax that "killed" fake identity "ambassador Chris Stevens" ...
    ... from October 10:
    Hillary Clinton reveals what REALLY led to Benghazi massacre & demolishes White House

    (7) The religion that worships endless deception and global slavery based on global genocide for the human cattle
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    Re: Craziest ever staged footage: MAKE NO MISTAKE: video released within days: Obama hits Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton backfires

    We are only days away from the predicted video

    911 Remake: 2011 at Fukushima unit 3 with hydrogen by God - AND Easter Sunday 2014 with Boeing 777 by illuminati
    Last Prophet's words from August 2011:
    Obama's very last video as Osama in an Afghanistan cave about to be released:

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    Re: Craziest ever staged footage: MAKE NO MISTAKE: video released within days: Obama hits Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton backfires

    That is some crazy information
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