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    PIGS how illuminati call Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain: why are "far left" leaders every day on TV repeating the broken record "renegotiate the debt"

    PIGS how illuminati call Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain: why are "far left" leaders every day on TV repeating the broken record?

    PIGS: how illuminati call three former colonial empires together with Greece
    Portugal, Spain and Italy are three former colonial empires that illustrate the neo-colonial end time paradox (1):
    - after being first neo-colonised, they now move peacefully or without organized resistence from colonialism to colonial slavery;
    - their former colonies move from neo-colonialism to finally becoming truly independent.

    The illuminati openly call them PIGS, together with Greece, supposedly in reference to the first character of each one, with Ireland also included not changing anything: PIIGS.

    Another End Time Paradox: before the slaughter, PIGS are [extremely] starved NOT fattened
    PIGS are the first victims of unprecedented colonial plunder of national assets.
    This process already nears the utter limits in Portugal, closely followed by Spain.
    Under the cover of a totally forged "debt", the key assets are transferred to the illuminati.
    Plundered assets, packaged as illuminati joke "to pay the sovereign debt", include:
    - infrastructure that previously nobody would dare imagining to be NOT owned by the state, from energy to highways;
    - most valuable real estate, from downtown commercial areas and best located hotels to the most productive agricultural areas in Europe;
    - maritime waters, with national fishermen forced to give up their work to let foreigners have the last catches;
    - gold reserves;
    - pension funds, also under the cover of bankrupcy of banks.

    PIGS react like pigs or sheep in the slaughterhouse
    Also unprecedented, almost total absence of organized resistence to this transition, exactly like pigs or sheep in the slaughterhouse:
    - undisputed leadership of the parties participating in the treasonous "governments";
    - huge spontaneous demonstrations of protest and hardly one word about the one and only goal to fight for: restore national independence, starting with currency;
    - totally staged "oppostion", from "communists" to "neo-nazis", used with the only goal to have the populace swallow the transitional steps.

    How illuminati feed the "Far Left" to PIGS
    Trade unions of PIGS, officially controlled by the "far left", regularly call general strikes, specially in the areas where cattle was starved the most, Portugal and Greece.
    Leaders of trade unions and "far left" parties, from Tsipras in Greece to the communists and trotskysts in Portugal, are all members of the illuminati secret society.
    Their role is to divert from:
    - the truth: Debt is a total LIE; (2)
    - the solution: restore national independence (currency, bordes control, constitution).

    What is more pathetic about illuminati able to feed the human cattle with these "far left" agents?
    No, not that they supposedly want to "renegotiate" the fake debt, thus selling that the "sovereign debt" is indeed real.
    The most pathetic is that they continue to use the macroeconomic concepts ("Deficit impossible to meet", "GDP will decrease", "Balance of Trade is not improving") that make as much sense as the GDP/Deficit/Balance of Trade of California (3).
    This aside from the fact there is no such hoax as the "California sovereign debt" as additional "justification" for regional "macroeconomic data".

    So all the totally discredited (communist supporters are the old guard, 50+; trotskysts no longer able to sell in the younger market) "far left" agents are constantly in illuminati TV sellng the "no alternative to EU and Euro" agendas to the cattle.

    (1) Former colonial empires become slavery colonies: neo-colonial end times paradox

    (2) Google

    (3) To what lengths the human cattle has been brainwashed:
    One of the End time features is the Illuminati (the BEAST) reducing humans to beasts who accept their mark.
    These beasts now represent more than 99% of the adult population of the EU / U.S..
    -> Beasts incapable of understanding the simplest of things. Example: in National Accounts the definitions of Deficit, Balance of trade (imports v exports) and GDP requires BORDER's CONTROL of the territory for which it is calculated (National Accounts course 101).
    -> This of course beyond the fact that already before the illuminati formally destroyed national independence (currency - constitution - control of borders) published data was COMPLETELY manufactured.
    -> Only BEASTS are unable to see how the traitors transfer wealth from countries they "rule" to the safes of their sect.

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    Re: PIGS how illuminati call Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain: why are "far left" leaders every day on TV repeating the broken record "renegotiate the d

    I say, eat the rich.

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