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    Former colonies: Fight for real independence and the neo-colonial End Time Paradox

    A. The fight for real independence in the classic neo-colonial world
    The first stage of classic neo-colonialism
    The concept of Neo-colonialism was first created after 1960 to describe using puppets to control former colonies that became formally "independent" countries.
    These new countries of course kept the colonial borders, to keep the ethnic and religious divides. Borders drawn by the illuminati using the principle of divide and conquer.

    The main role of the traitors during this neo-colonial stage was to continue to transfer the wealth of these "independent" countries to their masters.
    During the first decades of neo-colonialism the illuminati successfully crushed the armed revolts and killed patritotic leaders after a fight of years (Patrice Lumumba, Congo 1961) or decades (Jonas Savimbi, Angola 2002 (1)).

    The last stage of classic neo-colonialism
    As non-renewable natural resources rapidly come to an end, it gets increasingly difficult and in some cases already impossible for the illuminati to continue to sell their agents to the population.
    This is obvious if you measure any relevant process, with the "Arab Spring" in 2011 setting several milestones:
    - increasing frequency or/and intensity of illuminati forced to: replace puppets; use international mercenaries alias "peacekeepers"; wage full scale war to reinstate puppets,
    - decreasing capability to: keep total control of the neo-colonies; keep neo-colonial borders.

    1. Illuminati forced to replace the puppet before reaching the stage of armed revolt: Tunisia 2011 (Ben Ali), Egypt 2011 (Mubarak).

    2. Illuminati not able to prevent armed revolt: Libya 2011 (2), Syria 2011 (3), Yemen 2011, Central African Republic, Congo, Mali.

    3. Illuminati able to replace puppet in the capital but not to regain control of all the country, following armed revolt: Libya, Yemen.

    4. Illuminati forced to change staged democracies to dictatorships, formally (Egypt) or not (Iran):
    - Iran (4); after the staged 2009 "election", illuminati puppet Ahmadinejad jailed (real winner Moussavi) or executed all the non-clandestine leaders of the opposition;
    - Egypt (5): formal proclamation of the neo-nazi constitution is packaged as illuminati joke, with the population "accepting" it in a "referendum" cooked by the puppets in the role of "Muslim Brotherhood".

    5. Illuminati resort to "peacekeepers" to fight the freedom fighters in a increasingly longer list of neo-colonies.
    Goma, Congo, December 2012, sets a milestone: these international mercenaries did not dare engage in combat against the M25 freedom fighters (6).

    6. Illuminati forced to totally let the mask fall to regain control: Ivory Coast 2011 (7).
    Illuminati had to resort to the ultimate combination in order to destroy ivorian president Laurent Gbago, a patriotic christian:
    - use planes and helicopters to bomb the city of Abidjan, population over 3 million. To air bomb an african capital, an unprecedented act in the neo-colonial world, the illuminati only need to use the french butchers;
    - push the ethnic-religious card to the utter limits, genocide. To carry out the summary execution of tens of thousands of christian women and children, they only had to use the butchers of agent Ouattara, in the role of muslim leader.

    7. illuminati agents replaced by patriotic leaders, illuminati not able to regain control: from Rwanda and Guinea-Bissau to Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina (8).
    This marks the begin of the process of the population finally gaining control over the previously plundered national resources.

    8. Illuminati not able to keep neo-colonial borders.
    Unprecedented victories of independence fighters against the artificial borders of the classic neo-colonial world:
    - South Sudan becomes independent in 2011, after decades fighting without any foreign support;
    - victorious battles, from the tuaregs in northern Mali to the Kurds in Turkey, Iran and Iraq.

    The last stage of classic neo-colonialism is one of two faces of the neo-colonial paradox, one of the end times paradoxes revealed first by Last Prophet.

    B. Neo-Colonialism, End Times Paradox explained worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt Marriott
    The Neo-Colonialist End Times Paradox
    During illuminati overtime, the last leg of illuminati end times, Neo-colonialism becomes an End Times Paradox.
    Neo-colonialism is both the last stage ...
    - before freedom, for former colonies, from Egypt to Argentina;
    - before colonialism, for former empires, from Portugal to the UK.

    1. The population of former colonies finally gains control over national resources.
    The end of neo-colonialism nears, as more and more;
    - people revolt, from Tunisia and Egypt to South Africa.
    - protesters finally get weapons and begin to break the slavery chains, from Libya and Syria to the Central African Republic and Congo;
    - colonial borders begin to be redrawn, starting with South Sudan;
    - patriotic leaders replace illuminati agents, from Rwanda to Venezuela and Argentina.

    2. The populace of former colonial empires, now reduced to beasts, peacefully accepts:
    - to be first neo-colonized, ruled by traitors.
    - to have their countries turned from neo-colonies to colonies, by these traitors;
    - to finally let the illuminati colonial empire reduce them to slaves.

    For 2 see:

    (1) Last Prophet's words from 2000, 2 years before illuminati puppets finally killed Jonas Savimbi:
    Genocide of Christians in Angola, UN and the resistance of UNITA
    Archived first 2002

    (2) Libya 2011-2013: Fake military war NATO v puppet Gadaffi, puppet replaced but ...
    Reminder: Fake war NATO v Gaddafi and plan A, to partition Libya with oil under Gadaffi control.
    Exposed first by Last Prophet, February 2011. It survived so far here:
    Google: fake war NATO v Gaddafi

    (3) Syria 2011-2013: Fake verbal war NATO v puppet Assad - 12th October 2012:
    MAKE NO MISTAKE: Illuminati ordered Assad to go chemical and will occupy Syria as last resort. Agent Ahmadinejad can NOT fall

    (4) Iran: Fake verbal war Illuminati v Ahmadinejad
    Ahmadinejad paraded in NYC as Assad about to bite the Damascus dust MUST go chemical or NATO using Turkey must occupy Syria
    Last Prophet exposed the fake war, repeated by illuminati media ad nauseum, years before these words from March 2007:

    (5) The ultimate reason why illuminati media celebrates two nazi milestones within one month, November 2012 in China and December 2012 in Egypt

    (6) Congo; "peacekeepers" do not dare to engage M25 freedom fighters in Goma, who as usual are accused by the "International Court at the Hague".

    (7) Ivory Coast, Last Prophet's words:
    2004: VIDEO EU Military slaughtering hundreds of unarmed christian civilians not only to secure control of the world's cocoa production but also to destroy christianity and put in power a muslim puppet government.
    2011: April 4: hours after the french UN brainwashed killers began attacking with helicopters the citizens of Abidjan:
    Make no mistake: these will be the same pilots bombing human cattle in France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, UK, Germany & Co. protesting what the illuminati scipt has for the next chapters:

    (8) Argentina: as former colonial empire Spain is now a colony plundered by the illuminati ....
    ... president Cristina Kirchner nationalizes oil industry:
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