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Thread: an old scam

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    an old scam

    hi guy's this is my first post so i won't go on too much.....
    seeing this forum has reminded of big scam i read in the paper quite a number of years ago which i thought i might share with you all...........

    This particular person started a company in the name of..... "the big black dildo company" I kid you not.........
    anyway he placed ads in mags and papers "of all types if you know what i mean" for what else.... a big black dildo and this "item" as we will call it from now on was on special sale at a fraction of what this item should have been loads of people sent of a cheque for the item and i mean loads we are talking millions this guy went global .................
    Now this guy's is sat on a lot of money and he never really had the item for sale in the first place so when all the money came in he sent a letter out to everyone saying that because of an overwelming responce to the said item and please accept your money back.................
    Now the item in question was priced at only 5 pounds sterling and on the cheque was stamped the company name "THE BIG BLACK DILDO COMPANY"
    Who i ask you would go through the embarasment of handing over a cheque wit this stamped on it for such a small amount at the bank not lot from i can remember
    and this got away with ripping so many people off but no one could touch him ..................

    so be aware of the company you are dealing with it would be a shame to get ripped of because of embaresment

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    Re: an old scam

    have any you guy's heard of similar scams to this one if so what were the details

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