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Thread: Email Scam

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    Email Scam

    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum, nice to meet all of you :)

    Recently, I found this email really strange. Maybe you experts can help me out if this is a scam or not.

    I operate an online sports exhaust website, http://www.remusexhaustusa.com, but one day one guy emailed me about wanting to order some.

    I will attach the email below:

    (Part 1)

    I saw your ad on yahoo,I am located in Hinesville Georgia,USA,the price is fine with me.I will handle the shipping can i have your name as it would appear on the check, Home Address and Phone Number so that the payment can be issued out and mailed out to you.

    Single Round 3.54 (Round Can - 05) Remus Sport Exhaust.
    5 pieces.

    Have a nice day.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    So, unsuspiciously, I have emailed the guy back with pricing details and mailing address, and I got this email back which raised a red flag for me because I recall remembering about these type of sending money back Western Union transfers scams in the past:

    (Part 2)

    Hi how are you doing?I just got an e-mail from my client that is owing me in ,I gave him your information (Name and Address and Phone Number)so that he can Issue and mail out the payment to you since i am not in town now.

    The payment has been mailed out via the Post Office ,But he mailed out all the payment that he was owing me to you so what i want you to do is this take out the money for the item and a specified amount for shipping then you will have to wire the rest via Western Union to the Kanu Heart Foundation(NGO) since the payment is going to be more than the amount of the item, I promised i will make the donation the last time i was in the meeting so i will send to you thier Information for the western union money transfer Let me know if you have any Western Union Agent Location around you because that is where you will have to go and make the transfer.

    This is my home Address for the shipping :

    [edited for privacy]

    Is this a scam? Anybody have knowledge with this type of transcations?

    I think I have read about it somewhere on the internet in the past. Any help will be greatly helpful.


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    Re: Email Scam

    Hi there!! :)
    It sounds a little fishy to me that whole transaction thing with Western union. From what I've read about Western Union is that transactions are not tracable so It's widely used by scammers.
    I don't understand why you have to be involved in money transactions that doesn't really concern you. If you have a business and this guy has ordered stuff from you, he should just send the money that he owes you and that'll be that. That other guy could just send what he owes to that other guy without involving you in it.
    It's never good to get involved in transactions concerning other people. I'd be very careful anyway if I were you!!

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    Re: Email Scam

    Dear Intershift,

    Welcome to Scam.com and Happy New Year!

    I took a look at your website..looks like good products....BUT
    you need to know it is against the rules on this website to post links to businesses/income opportunities, it is considered spam and it can get you banned from here if you do. Since you are brand new I figured you probably didnt know that.
    The moderators usually keep track of that on here but maybe they are on vacation for a few days at the moment. :)

    I dont really know the answer to your question about your situation although I am sure someone will post a reply to you soon about it. Someone usually does. It sounds like scams I have read about on here recently.

    Take care and good luck!

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    Re: Email Scam


    DO not get involved in this. It is a scam. Any money that will be sent to you will be a fake check. You will find many emails of this type ( over payment scam.) if you search this forum.
    Don't get scammed. Check out all opportunities or Companies before doing business.

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    Re: Email Scam

    Thanks guys, for all your input.

    Yeah, it indeed smelled like a fish and a big one.

    I'll make note of your advice, starlighter. Thanks. :)

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