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    University of Phoenix

    I have recently dropped enrollment at University of Phoenix after just a few hours of one class. I had found information online that concerned me over the quality of education and integrity of that organization. I expressed my concern over this before attending first class to my enrollment counselor and she said to just go ahead and attend the class and let me know how you feel about us the next day. I called early in the morning the next day and dropped the class. The following day I receive a call saying I owe $295.00 for attending that class. I asked to see supporting documentation saying that I had signed an agreement to pay that amount if I decided to disenroll.
    Of course the caller told me to refer to a link on the UoP Website that would divulge this to me. I told her that would not suffice. She said since it was the holidays she would return my call and we could discuss it somemore.
    As of today i have not heard from UoP.

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    Re: University of Phoenix information

    My husband did UOP for 2 years but had to quit due to financial reasons (they're expeeeeeensive! whoo!) but he never had a problem with them as far as being charged when he shouldn't have. He dropped a few classes and was refunded right away for them. When he did quit altogether, he had already attended a full week of class and they reimbursed him 100%.

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    Re: University of Phoenix information

    My first night wasn't what you would call great either. My enrollment counselor contacted me the day following the first class and allowed me to express my opinions. I went back for the second night and it was vastly improved. As for the fees, you are required to pay a percentage of the classes you attend. I'm not positive what the percentage is the first night however, I know after the second night you are bound to 100% of tuition for the class. I beleive I read the same negative post about University of Phoenix, all I can say is that everyone has an opinion.

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    Watch out for University Of Phoenix Scam

    :judges:So everyone will know that I am not being partial or picking on Kaplan, here is yet another online school that has a siege of complaints filed against it - University Of Phoenix.
    Remember, I never said that Kaplanw as the only online school that I had heard complaints about or the only school that you should beware of.

    Like Kaplan, UOP is regionally accredited, has a great marketing program and goes after the naive who want easy education, a college degree without going through the normal channels.

    Basically, like Kaplan just a dilpoma mill.

    Now here is the complaint against Univerity of Phoenix:

    Thinking about attending a 4-year online college? Think again. The University of Phoenix Online is a huge for-profit diploma mill. This online college operates to take your money and teach you nothing. I know this for a fact because I attended their Bachelors of Science in Information Technology program, I graduated with a conceited 3.9 grade point average, and almost a year after graduating from their program, I am still unemployed. I didn't learn anything in their program, only type papers all day long, and I have a huge $50,000.00 debt in student loans that I have to pay back.

    A former employee of the University of Phoenix Online claims this fraudulent business is there first and foremost only for the money. You can read his entire claim published 5/31/2009 here:

    So, if education doesn't matter, why allow for any college or university to remain in operation if money is the first and only issue? Why isn't the Department of Education shutting down this huge scam?

    I've done tons of online research and at web site "ripoffreport.com", I've read about students getting easy A's and I mean easy. Former students claimed receiving an A for turning in work late but they still got an A as in 100%. Other students on this web site claimed they got 98% because they failed to turn in a bibliography or works cited page. Well, isn't it called plagiarism if you don't turn in a bibliography page?

    I was particularly interested in the section about the University of Phoenix awards ceremony. The sales people, the enrollment counselors, got 70% of the awards, the academic counselors got 20%, and the financial aid counselors got the remaining 10%. Well why would a financial aid counselor get an award? For what? Financial aid counselor of the year?

    We need to shut down this diploma mill now!

    I'm glad I attended the University of Phoenix Online because my 2 years there has proven that this college is indeed a huge scam!

    Here are just a few obvious claims of this diploma mill in operation:

    1. They enroll anyone and everyone meaning if you can't get accepted at any 2 year or 4 year college, they will accept you, even if you failed your S.A.T. exam.

    2. You don't have to take any SAT or other scholastic achievement college entrance examinations to enroll.

    3. You don't have to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) to enroll in graduate level study.

    4. The majority of colleges and universities in the U.S.A. state that if you have been out of college for 10 years, all of your college credits that you have earned become expired, meaning, you have to start all over again, as a freshman with 0 college credits. University of Phoenix Online will still accept your college credits even if you've been out of school for 20 years.

    5. They will take life experiences as college credit.

    6. They enroll people with extremely bad English grammar and writing skills.

    7. They say that they'll train you and teach you job skills like how professionals do it in the real world and they don't.

    8. Classes are an easy 5 weeks of typing papers and relying on the person with the most knowledge to pass the learning team.

    9. Classes are taught by facilitators, not instructors or teachers.

    10. You will get some nasty instructors that won't answer any of your telephone calls or emails until the class is over. I can prove it with my Windows Networking instructor, Mr. Paul Rouk because he finally contacted me 2 weeks after the class was over! As a teacher, shouldn't you be passionate about helping your students succeed and become over-achievers? I would help my students succeed in every possible way, not ignore their telephone calls or email messages, wait 2 weeks until the class is finished, and then offer the student help. What if the student failed the class and had to repeat it again? What if the student had to repeat the same class with the same instructor?

    11. The academic and financial aid counselors will be there for you saying even though you're not learning anything, once you get your bachelors degree, you'll be able to get a better job in your field of study. They're telling you this and being nice to you so they can get paid but what they should be telling you is that once you graduate, you'll have a "worthless" degree in your hands. Once you graduate, you'll be unemployed and wish you attended your local state university. I graduated a year ago in July 2008 and I'm still unemployed. I've read complaints about former students who graduated 3 years ago and are still not working in their field because they were improperly and inadequately trained.

    12. Many employers don't acknowledge resumes with the University of Phoenix credential.

    13. They only care about your money, not the education you receive.

    Basically, they'll do anything to get your foot in the door. I've heard scandals that they have enrolled students who don't hold valid high school diplomas or a G.E.D. and that is a serious offense because in order to qualify for financial aid such as pell grants or subsidized stafford loans, you need a valid high school diploma or G.E.D.

    Lastly, the University of Phoenix has lost several legal battles and paid one settlement of more than $250 million dollars for de-frauding investors. The University of Phoenix lost another legal battle to former employees who claimed they were discriminated against because they were not affiliated with the Mormon religion. The University of Phoenix ended up paying 9 million dollars to those former employees. Google "University of Phoenix lawsuit law suit legal battle" and you'll find more cases.

    We need to stop this online college scam now! We need to bring down this 2 billion dollar company now!


    This company is very profitable. Check their lastest earnings ticker symbol: APOL but that doesn't mean that the education they pay for is profitable to the students.

    Like Kaplan, caveat emptor

    Just another diploma mill:judges:

    Have A Nice Day!


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    Re: University of Phoenix

    The University of Phoenix commits fraud everyday! They take students money, billions every year, and teach students nothing!

    To read more about this fraudulent university, please visit blog and web site:



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    Re: University of Phoenix

    They are terrible. I enrolled a couple of years ago, and within a week I could tell that the quality of the classes was way, way below what you'd even find at a 2-year community college. I've been to a traditional college, so I had some frame of reference.

    If you drop, be prepared to fight them to get your money back. I had to go through the Arizona AG and the BBB to get them to be reasonable....

    Way overpriced compared to a traditional school. If you want online classes, many major (real) universities offer them. UoP is not recognized by many employers as a valid degree.

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    Re: University of Phoenix

    University of Phoenix is sucking the money out of the government by taking advantage of the American people stupidity. University of Phoenix has the lowest retention rate of freshmen, only 7% moving on to the next year. University of Phoenix has only a 27% graduation rate and over 18% default rate. Having worked for one of the top 3 US banks in the student loan industry I have witnessed the scam tactics they use to get students and I have talked to those students who were defaulting and were unemployed and heard their stories.

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    Re: University of Phoenix

    My name is Joni Bible; I was a former student and attended the university for about 10 months. Until I had realized that my credits would never transfer to others schools in my area here in Indiana. Ive checked multiple schools. But the main reason was I found out I have been misled in to thinking I was going into nursing, which clearly I was never going into nursing with no prior education before being mislead into thinking I was going into nursing, without not education other than a G.E.D. I didnt know this. Cindy Silva failed to tell me what a B.S.N. ever was. Did she think that I would never figure this out? What does this tell the University of Phoenix?
    Back in Sept/Oct/Nov time in 2009 I had called the school and told them I seen the front page of the University of Phoenix website, stating they had nursing program. Miss Cindy Silva answers yes we do and insisted I go in the nursing program. Im like its that easy to get a nursing degree on line huh? I told her I had no experience other than a G.E.D. she said that is fine and we went on about it. She said first, I need to get an associate in a healthcare related degree before I could pursue and asked me if I wanted an Associate in Healthcare administration, or an Associate in healthcare & billing and coding. I went on and said healthcare administration. So thats what she said. I asked her what I would be doing next, she explains to me that I would be going into a B.S.N. degree next and she said, thats where youre going to be getting your training from to become a nurse. Im like okay, I was all excited about it and went on ahead and she got me set up with financial aid and enrolled me.
    I later called back I had thoughts in my head on and off should I really go through with this a few days or even the same day, I called Miss Cindy Silva up by telephone and told her I was not interested in it and that I was scared of failing. She informed me and told me that I should go for my nursing degree that is 18 months for my associates as soon as I was done with that, I would do 18 months in B.S.N. degree. She said dont quit or change your mind. She said it just like this: Joni you dont want to work for Wendys or a fast-food chain all your life now do you? Im like no. She said that isnt a career, which is a minimum wage job that cant support your family and is a dead end job. You can have your L.P.N. License in as little as 3 years Joni! And youll be a nurse and be able to take a test for your R.N. License, dont that sound like a plan, Joni? Cindy Silva mentions. Im like yeah okay Ill just go ahead and go with it.
    After I was in University of phoenix for 10 months, I found out my credits were not transferable, I thought that was awful to do. Not only that I found out what a B.S.N. degree was on the website finally. I clicked on it and it describes what the nursing degree acquires for the University of Phoenix to accept me as a nurse. I was then upset. I think it is funny that on the website on the home page when you start, it only quote says nursing. But you got to click on it to find more things about nursing on the home page it should state bsn or msn degrees and qualifications. Not just nursing with the other academic groupings. It should be more specific and clear from the start. I simply researched on my own. This is how I found out what a B.S.N. was. Nobody explained this to me, I done this work all on my own plus of course checked other websites as well. But, plain and clear, nursing on the page of University of Phoenix for a student that hadnt been in school for a decade and trusted the school with her education believing the university of phoenix AND Cindy Silva to place me where I wanted to be, as in nursing realated career I lost my trust in this school and a few people that work in it.
    University of Phoenix has had problems in the past with this matter along with other issues as well. Ive done current research on this school I only wished I would have done before. But from my knowledge and what I understand its not too late to have something done about this matter. And this is why I am writing you Tondra Claiborne, I have tried contacting you. Maybe you were out of the office last Friday Sept 10th, 2010. I have called Dispute Management several times, on this matter. Only sometimes I receive a phone call back (from other people)
    I spoken to Lindsey Walton, associate director of UoP for over a week now, she keeps in contact with me. She calls me back if I need to speak to her about something. I finally got a hold of the department of private and post secondary edu and spoke to Keith Blanchard. Im supposed to write you this letter and contact him back if I hear nothing else from you. I have written the better business bureau as well. Thats the only time willingly I heard from the office of dispute management letting me know (Raquel Sosa) in the office got my letter from them. Finally! She is the one who called me on the matter. Now Im only waiting for you to contact me. I really appreciate it. University of Phoenix needs to fix the problem.
    I have also tried to get a hold of Garrett Hunt, (Cindy Silvas, enrollment manager) the past two or three weeks and he does not respond. I have called numerous times and it either goes straight to voice mail or it eventually goes there. I have left him probably 3-5 messages, why hasnt he contacted me. Im beginning to wonder if this is a fake person set up by voice mail, as Im begging to research things on you as well and Ive found out that you dont respond much in the matter to peoples problems or issues involving school relations. Or at least to some people you may not have.
    As a human, I have rights too. Look at all the 24 credits I established through university of phoenix only to find are useless to any school around my area. The time lost with my family, time, effort, I put into all the days and hours into these credits. Not to mention, you guys are going to try to make me pay for them. The reason why I say that is because, I shouldnt be held accountable for UoP screw ups. Believe the school, and misleading me into a path of no nursing degree, from the beginning. The University of Phoenix threw me under the bus, why didnt Cindy Silva explain to me that I couldnt pursue a nursing degree and that it was for PRIOR NURSES & who wanted to EXPAND their degrees and careers. Instead the service was only for an extra student and money in their pockets, is all it was about, I mean what else was it for? It certainly didnt matter about my education or what I was interested in. Cindy Silva didnt tell me to go somewhere else and go for nursing at a traditional college. INSTEAD she encourages and insisted me go to NURSING ONLINE become an LPN in three years. What a scam!
    Garret Hunt, manger over enrollment counselor, Cindy Silva, 1-800-366-9699 ext 7138020 (no call back after several attempts)
    Cindy Silva enrollment counselor, 1-800-545-6042 ext 7138306, I called and confronted her about this too. Only excuses and bad attitude about it.
    NOTE: if nothing is done about this, surely there will be, but if not, Im going to much higher standards to assure I receive a grievance on my loan from the University of Phoenix. Its simply easy, to comply with someone who has be mislead, wasted time, useless credits, on a degree that wasnt going to get me in the career path I even wanted from the start. This is University of Phoenixs fault (Cindy Silva) give her a ring, and see what she has to say about it.
    Im not even wasting any time on an attorney, nor the money if that is what your assuming, after I do what I need to do, if nobody complies I wont need a lawyer, if I need a lawyer afterwards,(if or University of phoenix isnt forgiven for the messy loan) then I will apply one. But for now its up to UoP to accept the damage and pay the bill, like I say consequences (could) be damaging to the school and reputation.
    Thanks so much, I hope someone actually read my accurate honest 100% information I have given. I am sorry for calling the school and being pulled in this mess. So please forgive my loan, thanks and have you a wonderful day.

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    Re: University of Phoenix

    I am wondering if this university is a scam why my employer pays 100% tuition? Or that the GI Bill will cover just as much for U of P as any other university?I am guessing they are one of the many companies that doesn't recognize their degrees either? Gotta love Fortune 500 companies and the federal government

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    Re: University of Phoenix

    As JustMe74 mentioned, it's probably best to file a complaint with the BBB and see what happens. If there's no solution after filing with the BBB, try filing a case in small claims court.

    Filing the BBB report will definitely give you the edge as if you have to file in small claims, you'll have a written complaint ready.

    Just make sure you have all your ducks in a row.
    Legal Problems? Find a Lawyer

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    Re: University of Phoenix


    Have you seen this? This is something you definitely need to check out if you are posting here: http://www.newjerseyconsumerprotection.com, and continue to spread the word.

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    Re: University of Phoenix

    Just thought that I would add in my experience, because I'm noticing that more people are starting to consult google before they make any decisions. Which is probably a good thing, all things considered.

    I'll be honest and say that I've never been the best student - I went to community college right after high school and while I did well, I got bored and flaked out somewhere in the second semester. I went to a different one after that, and then I dropped out and went back to my old one, and then I decided that I'd give UoP a try.

    Things I have to say about this University: you will learn if you teach yourself. That's about the only good thing I have to say.

    The admissions counselor was the most charming and silvertongued salesperson I have ever encountered (and I have used car salesmen in my family.) She sensed my insecurities and sold me on the idea of convenience and an actual degree.

    My first class was...interesting, I guess. I didn't learn anything because they weren't actually teaching anything - they were weeding people out, basically, and setting up the format for those students who were unfortunate enough to stay. I was put in a learning group with people who didn't know how to properly create an outline or annotate a bibliography - and the teacher couldn't explain how! At my various community college forays, I learned how to do that crap. Really, the learning teams were the worst, because chances are that if you will actually do the work? No one else will. It's like they smell desperation and the will to just get the crap assignment done, and will pass it off to you with semi-sincere apologies and excuses. The most hilarious part, though, are the classes that are required that the school tries to pass off as for your own benefit - the ones that weigh the differences between online schools and traditional ones, the ones that somehow always manage to end in a commercial for UoP. Literally, they end with a commercial like you've seen on the television.

    Fast forward a whole damn year (because apparently I'm a masochist) and I'm finally calling it quits. I'm over 10,000$ in debt, and I've been doing all of the projects - 5 individual assignments (sometimes more if you count a paper and a powerpoint separately), and every damn team assignment - by myself. The professors don't actually help out or care, the advisers only talk to you to convince you to give them more money. When you actually need help your advisers are MIA, or when they are holding your loan disbursement - haha, forget it if you are counting on seeing that money any time soon.

    Trust me, and this is the best choice I made about UoP, when you do finally get that disbursement? Put it right back into paying off your student loan, because it's a hell of a lot of money once it's all said and done, and really, the only reason I stayed for so long is because of the money.

    I have 36 credits that I'm not sure are going to transfer anywhere. I'm probably going to (ahahah) go back to community college to see if I can get some sort of degree. I am going to warn everyone I can to not go to UoP.

    Yes, you will learn, because you will teach yourself. Yes, you might get a degree, if you don't mind getting your soul sucked out of you. It's not worth it, because while it's more convenient, it costs more, and this school is composed entirely of monetary vampires. They will get your money and they will suck you dry, and you'll be forced to continue to drink their damn kool-aid for faux sustenance and out of hope of finishing your degree.

    I'm terribly glad I got out while I still owe less than 20,000$. I hate this scam of a school.

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    Re: University of Phoenix

    Quote Originally Posted by genie View Post
    I'm terribly glad I got out while I still owe less than 20,000$. I hate this scam of a school.
    I find it incredible that a school like this can charge that much money while offering a degree that is less recognized than a community college, which ** comparison costs less than $10,000 for all 4 years.
    Have you been scammed? Report a scam and we'll help get your money back and exact revenge!
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    Re: University of Phoenix

    I went to UOP for 18mos and I learned more there than I learned at any of the "traditional" colleges I've attended. I had to drop there only b/c I had a personal and financial hiccup from which I am now recovering. Needless to say, since that time my career goals have changed and once again UOP has a program that will help me accomplish those goals.

    My employer is paying 100% of the tuition and I work for a fairly large, international company that you all know by name. And I've looked up the accrediting bodies who have accredited UOP and they are the official accrediting body (CCNE) for all such nursing programs at "traditional" colleges nation wide. UOP also has a chapter of the Sigma theta tau which is an international nursing honor society which "traditional" colleges also have.
    So yeah , I know I made the right choice in going there.

    The problem with people who complain on this site is they tried but couldn't cut it. UOP requires a person to be accountable for their own learning and understanding of the material.

    People lets face the facts here, we live in an ever changing global society that will require people to think critically and outside of the box within a team environment if you want to succeed. UOP gives those of us who are capable of doing this the tools to do so.

    Therefore, if you are not able to get with their program (which cost is comparable to other universities when you add up all the other hidden fees of a "traditional" 4 year program; room and board, transport, food, books, money needed for breathing in America,ect.) then maybe you need to go to a school that will hold your hands, have you cram useless information in your head just to regurgitate on a test, and host weekend frat parties fully stocked with beer bongs. Or you can go to a school that appreciates your experience as a goal oriented individual, gives you real world education, and prepare you for that promotion that will improve your standing in the workplace and life.

    The choice is your's. As for me the choice was clear and since I can't depend on mommy and daddy to foot the bill for 4years of my life while I'm at a "traditional" college I think I'll stick with the alternative, UOP.....

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    Re: University of Phoenix

    You know I was going threw the enrollment process and so on. I received several calls from my admissions advisor, Granted he is very nice but I feel like he is trying to buy me.
    He tells me how Phoenix online is the best online school and if I want to best this is it and how the cost is just a long term investment and so on. I tried to end the call so many times, and he just would not budge. I told him I wanted to do more research on college and he just would not take that for an answer. He kept pushing and pushing that college on me. So I had to tell him that I was debating different careers. And then he kept saying how he will be there to help and so on. And truth be told Im just not diggin UoP.
    Ill looking up differnt online colleges.
    Granted so far every online college has had a scam page with people saying yes it is or no it really isnt. and I under stand how some people are mad about not getting exactly what they want but this one just cuts the cake over the top rediculas!!!!!:zx11pissed:
    So now I have to back track the two months Ive put forth on this college to find another. I am thinking that AIU may just get my vote!

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    Re: University of Phoenix

    Hey, I went to the Buckhead campus of AIU in Georgia before I knew anything about UOP and I felt cheated out of the 8k I literally wasted for 2 terms at AIU. My education there left more than alot to be desired and I really didn't learn anything. As a matter of fact I had a math teacher who barely spoke english and passed everyone in the class when we all openly cheated often times in front of his face.

    Personally, I have to say that hands down UOP was a more credible school in terms of accountability for actually understanding the material and for being able to take what I learned from lecture straight to my work place.

    I know I may sound like a commercial, but I found this to be the case and the money I paid went much futher in respect to actually gaining education than it ever did at AIU.

    *Note: I also attended UOP's Ground campus in Phoenix AZ. And no i'm not one of their employees. I studied psychology and now work in the behavioral health field.

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