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    Re: University of Phoenix

    My sister just signed up for the masters program at phoenix for 14, 000. She was interested in getting a degree in education. The class last for 3 weeks which is equals a semester. All the work is done on line. She currently lives in Atlanta, however the degree is not accepted in New York state and five other states. She decided that if she cannot take the degree where ever she wanted to go that it was not worth the 14, 000. Do your research and make sure that the degree with be accept anywhere you go. You dont want to be limited to certain states especially when you are paying that much money. Good Luck

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    Re: University of Phoenix

    I've always wanted to learn to speak American English. But I could never find a good tutor. It's good that I found a very useful site with a lot of useful information. I learned what an American accent is and looked at many examples of words and expressions and now almost speak american english and I am very happy about it.

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