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    Anno1777 - Investment Scam review

    Hello everyone! Be carefull with the website Anno1777.com - Its a "Virtual Economy Simulation" Game, where you can profit from being a company owner, a warrior or politician, or even a journalist.

    The game started all fine, and many players around the world invested thousands of euros, but now admin of the game changed all the rules.

    The system isn't rewarding players and investors anymore! Its "Subtle" changes are making all new players joining it to completely loose their investment, sending it directly to administration of the game.

    If you look at website Anno1777 you see they already "paid out almost 300k euros". Well for them to paid that, it means more than 400k were invested and admin took out his slice.

    Currently for Xmas, admin decided to make the game different, so only players that have Higher Ranks (invested more than 300 at least) will be able to profit around 0.15 per day (and never get back what they invested). All others that open companies and try to play the game, are immediately caught in the scam zone of this admin. He makes something really nice for thousands to invest, and then he changes it and the money ends up all in his pocked!

    As I'm aware, admin of this scam group (A.K.A. AnnoLabs team) is getting ready to launch a new game, called Cashtowns - Be aware that this is just a way to scam all Anno1777 players and keep making more from his new Scam-Game. :freak3:

    Seriously Romanian police should do something about this game, and shut it down (both games of AnnoLabs scam crew). I know several players that invested alot and got nothing in return because admin changes the rules of the games quite often, to make him the only one to profit!

    Basically, anyone playing either anno1777 or cashtowns is going to be ripped of sooner or later by this admin.

    Hope my warning here will be usefull to someone. As admin is trying to keep this down so his scam actions in Anno won't affect the big launch of his new game cashtowns.

    More details of what happened in Anno1777:
    Thousands of players invested to purchase weapons and clothes in the game to become warriors, with a promise to receive 1gold (game currency) for every 40 000 points. Admin now changed those points to 80 000 points, so to hit those, you earn 1 gold, but you spend 2 or more gold! Im not playing the game anymore, but I noticed some new players appearing, investing some Euros, and few weeks later they must leave because they realize the game is not giving any profit back to players. Who can trust an admin that changes a game rule every month?

    Stay away from all games of AnnoLabs!!! Either Anno1777 (admin is "scamming" smartly), MarketGlory, or CashTowns (early reports already say that players and investors on the game suffered tremendous losses due to admin changing rules).

    Here is the list of websites managed by this team (AnnoLabs):
    Anno1777 - First game of the team. Lasted 1year with good management and now admin is trying to scam everyone (maybe because of the new game coming soon).
    MarketGlory - Not so successfull game of annolabs, marketglory was just for admin to earn some extra dollars with newbies on the internet.
    Cashtowns - New project of this filthy admin. cashtowns is scheduled to be launched in January. Pay attention and avoid this (and future games from AnnoLabs) at all cost.

    Stay away from any of this games! Dont fall for his cheap-talk you'll just end up ripped off.

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