China Illuminati puppets masscre dozens of slaves owned by Apple / Foxconn - Differences to Bangladesh slaves owned by Walmart and US slaves before citizens disarmed
The massacre of slaves owned by Apple (masked as Foxconn) by the illuminati puppets playing the role of chinese communist party (1) in the city of Taiyuan is reported as "workers brawl" by the illuminati media (2).

Reminder: we live in illuminati overtime (3), the last leg of Illuminati end times. At this stage the illuminati BEAST tells to the beasts that black is white and the beasts robotically repeat it.
Another example of the last days of another massacre by illuminati puppets, the "government" of South Africa.
a massacre that unlike the completely censored massacre in China was recorded with cameras called in to terrorize the resisters.
And beyond that, for achieving the "black is white" goal of the illuminati religion.
Days after murdering 30 miners, South Africa "government" indicted the miners for the very same scripted mass murder that they survived as recorded on camera.

One of the two basic differences between the US slaves and the chinese slaves owned by Apple: Apple does not yet make US slaves alias "employees" Sign 'No Suicide' Pact. (4)

The two basic differences between the Bangladesh slaves owned by Walmart and the chinese slaves owned by Apple:
1. Unlike China's slavery (5), Bangladesh slavery is not totally rewritten by the illuminati as "black is white". (6)
2. Unlike China's slaves, you can have a last glimpse of the last moments of the Bangladesh slaves, all of them behind the same bars.(7)

(1) Japan China war: Illuminati puppets * stage * same script of US supervised ethnic war

(2) Foxconn plant in China closes after workers’ brawl

(3) We have been in the last leg of illuminati end times, illuminati overtime, since July 2007 ...
... when other tactic weapons are required

(4) "revealed" by the illuminati medias long ago, May 2011 - Apple Manufacturer Foxconn Makes Employees Sign 'No Suicide' Pact

(5) Chinese slavery painted as "Black is white" by illuminati media:
All you need is to google this: Hu Jintao pulled "out of poverty"."out+of+poverty"
Hundreds of millions reduced to slaves is switched to hundreds of millions pulled out of poverty. (2)

(6) Bangladesh slavery: "Black is white" resumes to a denial sealed by "serious" BBC, "November 27 2012:
Dhaka inferno factory was ‘not authorised’ to make Wal-Mart clothes
A garment factory in Bangladesh where at least 112 people were killed 3 days ago in an industrial fire was making clothes for Wal-Mart Stores without its knowledge, the US company has claimed.

(7) Photo in link of previous footnote:
"A worker calls for help as he is trapped in a second garment factory where a fire had broken out, in the suburb of Uttara in Dhaka"