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    Vic Ocana, Euro Financial Services, Rich Mans Toys - Colorado con-artist!

    Amos "Vic" Ocana is real estate "guru" in Colorado, but victimizes people across the country. He enlists mortgage professionals and appraisers in that state and nationwide to succeed in conning people. He stole $83k from me, not including legal and travel costs.

    If you are a good-credit real estate investor or a homeowner in foreclosure, or any person contemplating any kind of business relationship with Vic Ocana, or his companions William "Billy" Pollard and Adrienne Oshea Ocana (aka Adrienne Smith, aka Adrienne Thomas aka Adrienne Thomas-Ocana, aka Adrienne Oshea), beware.

    An internet search on "Vic Ocana" will return the link to www.ripoffreport.com and to www.richmanstoys.com. These will give you adequate information to review before entering into transactions with this miscreant.

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    Re: Vic Ocana, Euro Financial Services, Rich Mans

    I may have been scammed as well.

    His email address is civ53@msn.com. He is trying to sell me on a few businesses and it has been nothing but headaches.

    A Google search yields these results:










    He claims they are an ex trying to get retaliation against him, but the most recent report was last month.

    Any thoughts? Advice?

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