Toni DaRussio paid me for services rendered as an actor in his film, Night Rock, but the check bounced.

Apparently, he did not have the financing in place when he began shooting. Everyone was paid late, and many had to fight to get paid after the first week of work. He seems to believe that this is an okay way of running his films.

Now, he is avoiding my phone calls and thinks he can get away with not paying me. He has been avoiding me for a full month, and thinks that I am just going to go away.

If he will do this to me, he will do this to you.

Work on one of his crews at your own risk, especially if you are female. This production took place in New Hampshire but he is based out of Los Angeles and travels extensively.

I am posting this warning so others can have all of the needed information before they walk into a similar situation and get conned.

Please pass this on to anyone who works in the film industry. We need to stand in solidarity against Producers who refuse to Pay.

Toni DaRussio: Shoot now, hope to secure the financing to pay the crew later.