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    Any scam related to johnnykid.ws?


    been very interested in making some extra money online and a friend told me about a website, but i thought i could , like, start making money for free...the guy sets a plan, but i'm not very knowledgeable with all these systems and terms and all. I'm looking for something simplier, but at the same time what i read there makes a lot of sense....and i should start learning, really...anyway, does anyone know if johnnykid.ws is a scam? don't want to be suckered at 1st shot... :P

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    Re: Any scam related to johnnykid.ws?

    100% scam.

    The only way to make money is SELLING the system, not DOING the system.

    If the system was so profitable, why would the owner want to decrease his income by having more people do the system? More people doing the same system means more competition and less income for all involved in the system.

    The only person making any money here is the one that owns the original website selling the system.

    The "100% money back guarantee" is completely and utterly worthless. Clickbank, paypal and credit cards do not give refunds for ebooks, downloads, access, mentoring, advice, instructions, directions, virtual money or any other kind of non-tangible electronic goods, which is what is being purchased here, non-tangible electronic goods.

    Just another "follow these vague instructions and you might be the one in a million that makes a bit of money doing this system" type website.

    Reading the "disclaimer", "terms of use" and "privacy policy" are all very telling. Translated, they know you won't make any money, your payment is non-refundable and while you attempt to follow the system, they and other companies will spam you with other offers.
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    Re: Any scam related to johnnykid.ws?

    And that makes more sense...thankx for your reply! The date seems recent but i believe it can be altered somehow...felt like it was just starting! xD Anyhow, a big uh uh will follow to my so called friend next time he asks if i had a look at it... :2gunsfiring_v1:

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    Re: Any scam related to johnnykid.ws?

    what is the site johnnykid all about. I can not seem to find anything online.

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