Has anyone received a sales letter recently with the heading of Corporate Raider?, it describes typing bank passwords in to your pc to make 5 times your money in 5 minutes, all of which it states is perfectly LEGAL, it comes as a course in 10 separate monthly levels at £27 per month, you are given 30 days to inspect level 1 and if you're not happy with it you can keep it and cancel your order without risking a single penny (all sounds good doesn't it?) for example turning £1K in to £2K in just 5 minutes to start.

It comes with the usual sales patter:

I guarantee you've NEVER heard of this before. This is:
NOT a pyramid game
NOT a home business
NOT currency or commodity trading
NOT gambling
NOT claiming a mis-sold investment award
NOT property investing
NOT anything to do with welfare payments etc...

The whole sales letter in fact seems very compelling but as i read on i came to a couple of paragraphs:

"With postage costs what they are these days, i can only afford to send this invitation to you once, so this will be your only chance", this seemed a bit odd as it beats me as to why a bloke who is so confident about making vast amounts of money should worry himself about what postage costs are.

"The other concern i have is what will happen if too many people are in on this. Quite simply, there would be panic on the streets if word spread of this...and the opportunity would be lost." why would anyone risk revealing such a secret if it would cause panic on the streets or even bother selling the course to anybody else? why not just keep it to themselves?

The sales letter apparently comes from a guy by the name of Jim Hunt who i've never heard of and even leaves his personal contact details.

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