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    How to Avoid Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    • Hold regular trainings about employment laws. This is the most effective way of preventing sexual harassment and other forms of abuse and discrimination inside the workplace. Make all of your employees aware of the company policies that you implement as well as the various labor laws in the country. Regularly hold training for members of the top level management, down to the entry-level positions in the company to help employees know that sexual harassment and any other acts of abuse are not tolerated inside your company. Lastly, come up with drafted clear and comprehensive workplace policy that all of your employees should read and perfectly understand.

    • Respond appropriately and quickly to reports of abuse. Put in place measures on how one can file his or her complaint about incidents of sexual harassment in your workplace. Put up an avenue for your workers to file their complaints and ensure the confidentiality of such complaints. Make sure that you also take every complaint seriously and give it enough attention. When a sexual harassment complaint is filed in your office, hold investigations to get into the nitty-gritty of things. Make necessary actions to deal with the offender while protecting the victim from further abuse. By doing so, you send a strong signal to your employees that both you and the company are serious about the implementation of such anti-harassment policies.

    • Take care of the complaints before they get out of hand. Make sure that you act swiftly when reports of harassment come your way. The fast resolution of such cases will help your employees feel more cared for. This way, they would have greater faith in you and the company.

    Following these simple tips can help you prevent cases of sexual harassment from happening in the workplace. Make sure that you get the message across to your employees that any act of abuse and harassment will be dealt with properly.
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    Re: How to Avoid Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    Sexual harassment is no joking matter. It demoralizes not only the woman or man, but all the other employees that see it, hear it, and are left with guilt doing nothing about it.:judges:

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