What is happening now is BASICALLY a remake of what happened 1938-1940. But Illuminati's most powerful weapon is used on all fronts

Something UNPRECEDENTED since 1980 in Illuminatziland and since 1958 in France happens, "coincidentally" with the party that claims to have Charles de Gaulle as inspiration (0).
Time to remember that:
- Occupation and reduction to slavery of european countries by the illuminati, from France to Poland, from Norway to Greece, from Danemark to Croatia, is a remake of 1938-1940, using Illuminati's most powerful weapon;
- this time Illuminati's most powerful weapon is also the KEY to explain the unfolding script in the USA: supervised ethnic civil war.

Europe: What is happening now is BASICALLY a remake of what happened in Europe 1938-1940.
The differences are minor, mostly in the package, other than:
- changes in the list of NOT occupied countries (this time Switzerland, Spain and Portugal but not the Ukraine). As for the United Kingdom the difference is only in the package, with illuminati agents Churchill and Hitler pretending to be fighting each other in 1940 while all parties except UKIP support the EU alias Nazi occupation now;
- this time no armed resistence whatsoever, leading to big differences in the number of dead armed resisters;
- this time hardly any political resistence, leading to big differences in the number of resisters detained.

"History" books are written by the "victors" of World War II, who except for the Soviet Union are actually the same ones as the "defeatead" nazis.
They tell us that what happened 1938-1940 is explained by the overwhelming nazi military superiority.
That is one of the most successfull lluminati BIG LIES used to divert from the SIMPLE TRUTH.(1)

USA: What is happening now is BASICALLY a remake of the "Germans v Jews" script in Nazi Germany
The script of supervised ethnic civil war, with whites vs blacks and hispanics, is basically a remake of "Germans v Jews".
One of the differences is that this time the illuminati have an actor to lead those that are to be exterminated once the race card is used to start the holocaust (2).

Illuminati's most powerful weapon was revealed first by LAST PROPHET in 2000. But who got it?

For a large share of the populace, Illuminati's most powerful weapon was to brainwash them into believing evolution theory.
This weapon targeting individuals was also the most successful weapon to destroy the defenses before reaching the illuminati's most important goal in society: the destruction of the family.

But what about Illuminati's most powerful weapon for everyone, weather or not brainwashed into believing evolution theory?

Reminder of LAST PROPHET's answer from 2000:
It is NOT total control of media in the areas they are in control.
It is the use of [ _ _ A I _ O _ _ ].

And nothing illustrates it better than the illuminati tactic in France in the years before the Second World War, with the climax during May - June 1940. But ...
"Even in the darkest of nights there will be a light"
The night when Godsent Charles de Gaulle started shining in the darkest ever skies, exactly like Vladimir Putin 60 years later. (3)

(0) UNPRECEDENTED in EU/USA since 1980: France:non-illuminati take control of major party UMP

(1) Maréchal Petain and the other illuminati agents serving as generals of the French Army, the "heroes" of the battle of Verdun 20 years earlier, the bloodiest battle in the History of Mankind, ordering the french soldiers to retreat and give away their weapons to the invading Nazis as these bombed to ashes city after city and summarily executed thousands of civilians:
Illuminati fake wars: Hitler v Churchill and Roosevelt

(2) "Black" "Maréchal" Ozero alias "Obama" and his generals (Al Sharpton & Co) ordering their army of blacks to "resist" during the supervised ethnic civil war scheduled to start in X days.

(3) Angelic Vladimir Putin in the skies, from 31 December, 1999 to his 50th birthday. Leading God's angelic warriors all the way to the end of the Battle