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    Insurance Fraud by Insurance Agent!

    An insurance agent accused of stealing from her clients was indicted on charges of theft and insurance fraud this week by a Richmond County grand jury.

    The indictment was handed down on Nov. 20 against Tammy Self, 39, of Augusta, Georgia. Self, a licensed insurance agent, kept one client's worker’s compensation payments and prepared fraudulent insurance documents in other cases. She also faces a theft charge involving stealing a woman’s property insurance payment.

    Self had worked for the Kilpatrick Insurance Agency in Georgia. If you had her as a broker, be sure and check your status!

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    Re: Insurance Fraud by Insurance Agent!

    It is very bad thing and make a trend of this type of trend.
    No one can know that is going on in its future.
    So when you get insured from any one, make sure that it have strong back ground related to business.

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    Re: Insurance Fraud by Insurance Agent!

    It is very unfortunate that there are agents who are looking for victims to rip off every day. With this information, people should be more aware of the agents they are working with. Make sure you check the status of your insurance agent and confirm that he/she is certified and licensed to sell insurance.

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    Re: Insurance Fraud by Insurance Agent!

    No surprise. I have worked in the insurance industry for years and you really do have to be careful.

    One of the craziest things I witnessed personally was the firing of a co-worker who was writing checks to herself. She had the same name as a client who'd made a claim for injuries. So, she used this to send herself 'reimbursement' checks for non-existent medical care.

    The insurance company kept this mishap quiet because they didn't want to alarm other customers. And by the way - that's a common practice among the big companies. It's why you don't hear more about this type of activity in the news.

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