Most have heard about the Taxi Scam, where con artists pose as taxi drivers then take off with your luggage or worse, take tourists to a deserted area and then rob or assault them. Similar to this is a scheme where fake hotel representatives meet tourists as they arrive, offering deals on hotel rooms. These scammers may wear a badge, carry a clipboard or even have brochures. They will entice with great rates, and offer to take you to the hotel for free.

As with the taxi scam, dealing with these folks puts your luggage AND your safety in great peril. One less dangerous variation on this theme sees you safely delivered to the hotel, only to be told that the rates are much higher than you've been told, and the representative earns a hefty fee.


Its always best to make your own hotel reservations and confirm rates with a credit card. If you do happen to arrive in a city without a reservation, just look for the nearest tourist information office and avoid these "lone wolf" representative.