It seems like everywhere I go these days, I see a new sign or poster advertising and/or promoting some kind of yoga class. Traditional yoga, "Hot" yoga, yoga with some other unpronounceable word attached to it... There are new yoga-based businesses popping up all over the place.

At first glance, yoga seems like pretty much any other physical fitness based system for improving your health in general and your flexibility and endurance in particular. However, yoga is actually deeply immersed in ancient Hindu mysticism, and some people say you can't really practice one without being somewhat influenced by the other. And let's not forget the "left hand path" type of yoga, otherwise known as "tantra", which is basically a form of ritual sex magic designed to open the "chakras" and liberate the "kundalini" which allegedly resides in all our crotches.

So, what do YOU guys think? Any yoga practitioners out there? If so, do you think sometimes Yoga can turn out to be a gateway drug that leads the unsuspecting health seeker into the dark realms of the Occult?!