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    So I suffered a home invasion last year

    Last year, on Christmas Eve, four or five men burst into my home, kicked down the door and stormed into my kitchen, where I was sitting on the computer, chatting with a friend. They were masked.

    I was stunned. Sat there motionless. The first guy said "Where are they?" I said "What?" Then the second guy pistol-whipped me, cutting a deep gash in my forehead (10 stitches). Blood started splashing everywhere. I almost passed out. They kept badgering me about "guns" (I had no guns). They beat me senseless.

    Eventually, after they turned my place upside down and found nothing, they went upstairs to my neighbor's place, stabbed him and stole all his guns.

    A few weeks later, some people were arrested with my neighbors guns in their possession. A few months later - one of the people involved is put on trial. I testified. He was found guilty of like 50 charges.

    My question to you guys is, what are my options? I'm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Is there some kind of victims' fund I can access? I haven't been able to get it out of my head - need pills to go to sleep, get bad headaches, have a scar that will never go away, etc.

    Any recommendations?

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    Re: So I suffered a home invasion last year

    is this why you watch scary movies!? LOL i also had a break in yrs ago but was NOT HOME , all that was takin was video cam and some cheap jewelry they came in and left fast midday just to score some easy drug money i guess, broke down my heavy solid wood back door!? missed the cash in my dresser drawer!? i felt shaken up anyway!? cant imagine an actual confrontation!? i know my neighbor had steel bars on all entrances but being of color, i didn't think it strange!? the older i get, the more i discover that i used to think was BS is TRUE, the more edgy/suspicious i seem to be!? funny thing is, since i live in a mixed area on the wrong side of town, i am always astounded by how others from niceville are REALLY PARANOID of even entering the area/side of town!? ::crazy1::spin2::
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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