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    Does anybody else here enjoy ASMR videos?

    Boy, I sure do. I find them darn relaxing.

    The acronym ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”, but most people just call it “the tingles”, or “an awesome feeling of total relaxation.”

    There are a ton of YouTube clips that are tagged as ASMR. Most of them consist of pretty women whispering to the camera, occasionally caressing it, tapping it with their fingernails, staring into it and attempting to do two things: simulate a “you are there” feeling of intimacy, and stimulate the ASMR response.

    The sensation itself is tricky to describe. In general, it’s a tingly super-relaxed feeling, a pleasant sensation that creeps up and down your spine. It’s a blissed-out state that lets you sit and watch long videos that other folks might find quite boring… but not to you! Not everyone gets the feeling, and most depend on “triggers” that set them off. Triggers like the sound of crinkling plastic, toast being munched, fingenails tapping on glass, or simply a soothing voice, like those wielded by PBS painting instructor Bob Ross, or Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor.

    It sounds silly, but there are dozens of people (mostly women) who are putting up hundreds of videos, which are being watched and adored by millions of people. Some of the more popular ones get a quarter million views! So these people could legitimately make a living at this... and I think that's very cool.
    So, do you have any ASMR triggers? If so, what are they? And if this is the first you’ve heard of ASMR, and you go check it out and turn out to be a fan, please let me know!

    I’d love to hear your ASMR stories!

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    Re: Does anybody else here enjoy ASMR videos?

    Dude that is some advanced niched creepy shit man. But if I know you thats the next evolution of sexuality since you are the greatest oracle I ever met with trends.:blunt:

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    Re: Does anybody else here enjoy ASMR videos?

    I'M ON IT!? thanks!? ok i did a little researching and i guess i dont know what they are talking about yet!? NO TINGLES!? but if i have to compare my own version it is watching the current martha stewart cooking stuff!? will keep looking for the perfect matchup vid for me!? meanwhile anyone post what 'DOES IT' for them!? ::crazy1::spin2::bunny:
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    Re: Does anybody else here enjoy ASMR videos?

    Yeah, I started trying out ASMR videos a while back, but they were not doing anything for me, I guess I wasn't focused enough.
    A friend was claiming they were inducing all sorts of weird sensations and feelings in him, mainly in the the head, and I thought he was making it up.

    The woman-made ones seem to be oriented at horny men looking for some kicks, though....

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    Re: Does anybody else here enjoy ASMR videos?

    I will have to check these videos out, it sounds interesting, plus I have a ton of spare time and I am on YouTube a lot as it is. Thank you for mentioning this!

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