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    Re: Is circumcision really such a good idea?

    Quote Originally Posted by nielsencl View Post
    Weird to who? The admin said they used to make fun of those who were not circumcised in school. That didn't happen to me, but I don't doubt it happens. To me, a dick that is circumcised looks weird. You don't circumcise your dog, why would you do it to son?

    You do it because someone did it to you, your father, your brother, your husband, etc.

    The admin also talked about his friend who said it made his more sensitive. I don't know how he could compare, but I think that is also true. It's a sensitive organ, and rubbing directly against fabric is going to have some effect. And I think that is why circumcised men & boys think about sex constantly. They are being stimulated all the time which is not natural.

    The disease issue is a myth. The hygiene issue, but my mother taught me to wash that part of the body along with the rest. So any stories about hygiene may just be from bad parenting or laziness.
    Just curious. HOW did your mother go about teaching you that?

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    Re: Is circumcision really such a good idea?


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