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    Best weight loss surgery out there

    I'm a heavy guy, and I've been thinking about undergoing weight loss surgery, and the research I've been doing tells me that there are four distinct kinds of weight loss surgeries that fall into two distinct categories.

    The categories are 1. restrictive type surgeries, that shrink the amount of space for food that can come into your biological system, and 2. malabsorption type surgeries, that make it difficult for your body to extract the nutrients from the foods that you take in.

    The four distinct surgical procedures are as follows:

    1. Gastric Bypass Surgery. This type of surgery separates the stomach into two unequal compartments with less than 5% of the stomach remaining usable. With this surgery, food empties from this tiny stomach into the upper intestine.

    2. Laparoscopic Banding. This procedure sees the stomach encircled with an inflatable plastic band that restricts food intake.

    3. Sleeve Gastrectomy (aka Gastric Sleeve). In this procedure, 85% of the stomach is taken out, and what's left is shaped like a sleeve.

    4. Biliopancreatic Diversion. This more extreme surgery creates a small stomach, but also prevents absorption of ingested food inside the intestine by bypassing it.

    Which one do you think is best in general?

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    Re: Best weight loss surgery out there

    You shared nice information because i don't know about these all types of surgeries.

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    Re: Best weight loss surgery out there

    Gastric Bypass is the most popular and the most successful. Google celebrities who were once heavy and see which they chose. Follow their lead because they get the best consultation.

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